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I worked around tracking hierarchical tasks in Outlook simply by documenting the next action in a tasks and additional dependencies in the notes section. Once dependency is complete, copy and paste new next action (or if you must, check as complete and C&P into a new task). Hi, We are creators of an excel based tool for task management called X-TrackAmaze, which people typically use for personal tracking as well as project tracking. The form for entering tasks is great, as I can include verbal prompts to just have the very next action.

The flexibility of leaving it online (so can access from work or home), or printing a copy or downloading the form as an excel or text file is also very useful to me.
I ve been using google spreadsheet for project management and as action list for couple of days now. I find all these systems are just list makers and theres a higher level of planning that needs to be done.
Rules to make overdue items glow red, ability to link to action support materials in google docs and to messages in Gmail.

I would like to use a spreadsheet due to adding my own custom columns not found in standard to do lists (e.g.

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