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Beginning with 10 Tips for a Successful Daddy-Daughter Date and ending with a special 20 Great Daddy-Daughter Dates for You and Your Teenager, 88 Great Daddy-Daughter Dates has everything you need to get started dating your daughter!
This innovative book gives dads a wide variety of fun ideas for spending quality time with their little girls.
Disclosure: Revell provided me with a free copy of 88 Great Daddy-Daughter Date Ideas in exchange for my honest review. I love that you’ve recognized the differences in your daughters’ interests and cater to each individually! We have 2 boys also and when I have dates with them, I am showing them how to treat their future wife and daughter.
Lists like these are wonderful, however typically for fathers with elementary age daughters.
They say your relationship with your dad plays a big role in your choice of a spouse – what a special relationship you had with your dad and now have with your husband! Both of my boys are really involved with their liitle girls, and always do Daddy,daughter dates. My niece doesn’t have her father in her life, so my husband and her have regularly scheudled dates. What a great thing your husband is doing – having a father-figure in a young girl’s life is so important!
1 CommentWhen our kids were young, Steve heard an older gentleman at our church share how he took his kids on dates.

I am hoping to use this great info that we are uncovering to make a cute lapbook (unless it grows into a whole BOOK!) as our final project at the end of our study. A great way to build this special Father-Daughter relationship is through Father-Daughter Dates. A great way to build this special Daddy-Daughter relationship is through Daddy-Daughter Dates. Each date tells you what to grab (any needed supplies), where to go, and how to grow together while having a blast. My older daughter is working with me to sow a bit of civil disobedience (see Blue Like Jazz movie for PCR). My daughter gets such a kick when they have daddy-daughter time and he lets her paint his nails and have a tea party.
While the book title is geared toward fathers and daughters, most of these ideas are perfect for mothers and sons as well.
Each date tells dads what to grab (any needed supplies), where to go, and how to grow together while having a blast and making great memories. From bird-watching and making paper airplanes to bowling and photo scavenger hunts, there’s something for every dad and every little girl ages 6-12.
One of the little girls who was at my nail table told me that her daddy (our school’s band director) was picking her up from the Winter Wonderland and taking her out for dinner and a movie afterwards. When I go out with my daughter, tons of people come up to me and thank me for being so good to my daughter and how refreshing it is to see me with her.

My dad can take me to a girly movie or help me hook a catfish and either way it’s a wonderful time.
It’s sad that when a Dad is just doing what he thinks every parent should be doing, people get shocked. When great ones come out we go together I hold the popcorn he does the salt I always of a shirt for his elbow (he has nerve damage) And to this day when I take my 3 year old to visit and spend the night at Papa’s house he always makes pancakes in the morning. I love my daughters and not because I want people to compliment me but because they are part of me and I would do anything for them. I pray that my husband will be the father that my dad was…a godly, Christian man who puts God first and his family next.
One year he bought a business for me to run it was a great couple of years but when I wanted to go back to school he sold it and drove me and all of my stuff to Chicago so I could finnish school.
He is no longer married to my mom but he is still my Dad not because he has to be but because he wants to be. It was a best seller in the 90s and now his grown daughters have added their input for added perspective. Every time I came home from Chicago on the train my mom would take my luggage and my dad and me would go get dinner on a Harley.

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