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Listen to music, compile a shopping playlist of all your favourite tunes so that you rock it out down the aisles. Consider shopping as an adventure, with you in the central role as an intrepid explorer discovering new shops and new ingredients, who needs to go travelling. I love food shopping, but so often leave it until the last minute when there’s nothing in the house. Something I have been telling my patients for years is finally backed up by research: Do not go food-shopping hungry!Researchers from Cornell University had 68 adults fast for five hours and then gave some of them crackers before setting everyone loose to grocery shop.
Whether you’re a family of four, a post-graduate professional paying off student loans or someone who’s just trying to be frugal, if you’re like most people, you may have trouble sticking to your grocery shopping budget.
If you want to stick to your grocery shopping budget, you may have to do without certain items that aren’t necessarily worth the extra money.

Instead of buying packaged snacks, try using the items from your shopping list to make your own snacks.
Those who didn't have a snack bought about 19 percent more food, including more higher-calorie foods. For example, you may want to learn to do without unhealthy beverages, snack foods and desserts. The study also found that healthier food choices were made between the hours of 1 and 4 p.m. Here are 10 tips on how to fill up your shopping cart with healthy food without breaking the bank. In order to avoid this temptation, try doing your grocery shopping after lunch or dinner while your stomach is full.

If you buy fresh produce, be sure to store it properly, and freeze any excess to keep food safe and avoid wasting food.
While you may spend more money overall on the shopping trips during which you buy items in bulk, you’ll save money in the long run.
But there are more things you can do to pre-empt the purchasing of high-calories foods and make healthier choices when you stroll down the aisle.1. When shopping with him, all types of unhealthy items appear in my cart, and whether or not I eat them, I rather keep them out of the home since his health obviously matters to me too.

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