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Purpose(s):  To learn the names of each person in the group and help facilitate communication. You can lead a healthy life all on your own, but it's ever so much more fun when you bring a friend along! It wasn't too long ago that some friends and I gathered to make menstrual kits for one of our friends to take on a trip to Africa. Whether it's a ladies' only trip with your high school besties or a double-family vacation with your neighbors down the street, taking a vacation with friends can not only make the trip more fun, more relaxing, and more exciting it can boost your creativity and your productivity when you get back home. Aside from the practicalities of camping with friends it's nice to have someone who knows their way around a campfire to do the cooking and someone to borrow a flashlight from when you've forgotten yours being in the outdoors, staring at the stars, and roasting marshmallows is the stuff that memories (and better health) are made of. Time them to see how fast they can do it.  If you have more than one team, make it a fun competition to see who can do it the fastest. While my kids love playing with their friends, I love it almost as much for the chance I have to chat with other moms and work through some of our biggest parenting struggles together.

What makes it more fun is that not only can you plant your favorite veggies together which promotes healthy eating you get to share the bounty of the harvest, too. But seriously, when I'm suffering through my third minute of plank exercises, I sure do want the person on the next mat to be someone who I can laugh about my weakness with afterward. While I'll miss heading up to the mountains for snowboarding fun, sunny weather opens up the door to all types of new activities, many that are best played with friends. If only I could stop life for just a few hours a week to regroup and reconnect with those women who keep me sane when I’m losing my head, who watch my children in an emergency, who support me in my endeavors and inspire me with their own accomplishments, certainly I would be a much happier, healthier person. Chopping apples or pitting cherries are really not jobs to be tackled without the distraction of good conversation and someone to laugh with when you splatter cherry juice all over the wall for the fourth time in a row. Take the time to sit down, unplugged, and tell them how grateful you are for them and what you love about them it's been shown to increase your own feelings of well-being, not to mention the benefit it will provide to your friends! Click through for 15 group activities that can help you connect with your friends on a daily basis and become a better person for it.

Filling people's needs and being needed: that's what friendships are for and how communities are built.
So in the hot days of summer when you're on your hands and knees pulling up weeds, at least you'll know your life is better for it, and you get to share the experience with your besties. In fact, group-based exercise has been shown to improve accountability and consistency, making you more likely to reap both physical and social benefits.

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