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Giving a Nintendo Wii exercise game a whirl at the Heracleum welfare service for the elderly in Tromso. Too fast a paceShe has also tried the exercise game out at a welfare service facility for the elderly. Adult age appropriate activities and games enable adult patients to experience a good feeling of achievement and pride, you will see this on their face.
Memory Jogging Puzzles created fun, age appropriate memory exercise cards to help slow down memory loss and brain deterioration in elderly patients.
These thinking games help rebuild cognitive or problem solving skills and stimulate minds, emotions and memories.
Memory Exercise Card Games are used as activities and therapy in-homes and care centers throughout USA and abroad. These Memory Exercise Cards have been successfully tested with elderly, different levels of Alzheimer, dementia and stroke patients with positive results.
I discovered a Secret for patients success while testing MatchMate, my first Memory Exercise Card Game.

I had to throw out the rules and adjust the game to the level of person with dementia, in order for everyone to feel good and for me to see a smile. I developed these memory exercise card games to be used as mind stimulating activities for Alzheimer’s, dementia, elderly and stroke patients.
Memory Exercise Cards were developed specifically for the elderly, Alzheimer’s, Dementia and stroke patients and their needs by Memory Jogging Puzzles in 2008. Memory Jogging Puzzles and Memory Exercise Card Games with Norman Rockwell and Sarah Stilwell Weber illustrations are an EXCELLENT CHOICE for activities if your loved one has Alzheimer’s, Dementia or has suffered a stroke.
The Best Memory Improvement Games help rebuild cognitive skills, stimulate minds, memories and emotions in elderly patients.
I would recommend every Activity Director have this kit in there department for a weekly activity or an extra, for I know it is a crowd pleaser and will put smiles on everyone’s faces. Played routinely memory exercise card games can help improve memory and concentration, stimulate problem-solving skills and hand-eye coordination, known as Cognitive Skills. These Memory Exercise Card Games also called Memory Games are Excellent choices while visiting your mom or dad in a care center or caring for them in your home.

Remember for elderly with special needs to feel achievement and pride, activities for people with Dementia and Alzheimer’s Disease must be age appropriate and played at their level. These Activities and games are for your loved one to enjoy, not become frustrated and an enjoyable way for you to interact with your loved one. Putting together yesterday’s hobby with fun, familiar and family oriented images of Norman Rockwell and Sarah S. These memory match games will give you the power to engage with your loved one… in their world. These are TV games that require the use of your entire body.The elderly find pleasure in moving their arms and legs to collect treasures on the TV screen.

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