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I haven’t missed out on anything (other than the odd handbag) since we made a concious decision to try and live more frugally and I have a much better quality of life as I can now afford to work part time and we have spare money leftover to do lots of fun things together. When I look at the three examples I just listed, none of those things really strike me as being frugal. Despite the fact that I know how to be frugal, I still can’t get into frugality as a lifestyle like many people do.
When I think of being frugal, though, I have this mental picture of a little bitty hamster running on a human-sized treadmill. You do some awesome frugal things, Niki – I love your posts about the things you make! As I said, I like reading the frugal blogs because I get ideas that I might need at some point in my life. I'd say I consider myself either frugal or a conscious spender depending on what stuff you are considering. In other words, frugal means using your wisdom to allocate the money you have, whereas stingy means being so tightfisted with your money that you're not willing to help others out.
The goal of frugality usually is either to stretch a meager income to cover necessities, to save up for something important like buying a house or a car or paying for college, to build an emergency fund so you'll never be stuck if you lose your job, or to pay off existing debts. Frugality isn't miserliness, because, as I mentioned once, if your frugality is making your life miserable, something has got to change. Once a frugal person reaches his monetary goal, either by making more money so the cash doesn't need to stretch as far, or having saved up enough money for his purpose, the frugal person will change his money spending habits.

When a frugal person becomes wealthier, the frugal person will still use his discretion when spending money, as the frugal person lives below his means because he is thinking long term. If a frugal person becomes wealthy but still lives in a decrepit hovel, doesn't take care of pressing health issues, and is eating the bare minimal for survival, then I think you can rest assure that he has, indeed, crossed the line from frugal to miser. There are generous frugal people and there are more selfish frugal people, just as there are generous philanthropic wealthy people and tightfisted callous rich snobs. I'm Frugal, not StingyWhen someone tells me that they don't like frugality, that being thrifty is just another name for stinginess, I laugh it off.
As a process frugal innovation discovers new business models, reconfigures value chains, and redesigns products to serve users who face extreme affordability constraints, in a scalable and sustainable manner.
Simply, frugal innovation provides functional solutions through few resources for the many who have little means. In contrast, frugal innovation stems from unique circumstances in emerging markets given their vast populations with little yet growing means, few resources, and complex institutions or the lack thereof.
Perhaps it may not be one or the other — rather a joint venture of both would be the most fertile ground for frugal innovation.
My hunch is that like the Toyota Production System that was adopted worldwide as Total Quality Management philosophy, frugal innovation will be the next integrated management philosophy to diffuse from the East to the West. Because I could easily find myself in a situation where frugality ISN’T a choice someday.
My mom is extremely frugal (to the extreme of rinsing and reusing Ziploc bags, even though my parents have very little debt and a great income) and I think that's what made me run in the other direction.

In general, though, I've found that frugal people are often just as generous, if not more so, than their wealthier, non frugal counterparts. I'm Penny, frugalista extraordinaire, tree hugging, real food eating, gluten free living, homeschooling, breastfeeding, co-sleeping, DIYer who loves the challenge of having an awesome life on a very limited budget!I started this site to share my ideas with others, hopefully they'll help you live within your budget as well!Suggestions welcome via email.
There can be overlapping concerns as frugal innovation and social enterprise commonly agree on who to benefit,  but I believe they differ on how this is best achieved.
Frugal innovation is a local phenomenon in emerging markets through which entrepreneurs try to make the most of what they control to fulfil local needs, needs which have been for too long neglected by mainstream businesses.
In services there are examples of frugal innovation in communication, banking, energy, training, and education; among products examples lie in automobiles, medical devices, and housing. Therefore, enabling drivers are missing to frugally innovate so standard innovation process is pursued.
Since they experience enabling drivers to frugally innovate, they generate capabilities and core competences which are unique to frugal innovation. Frugal is saying on Saturdays and Sundays I'll buy some food from a grocery store and make lunch instead of going to the local eateries on my lunch break.

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