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A major women’s-only running race will take place for the first time in Birmingham next year. The first year saw heats in Bristol, Nottingham and London, with almost 2,000 women taking part. There will also be a post-race warm down with tea and cake and a personalised text message containing your race time. In preparing for your first 8K we mentioned the necessity of preparing correctly for your first 10K. If you are going to spend the time training, there is no reason why you cannot develop the attitude and understanding of a runner. You have got this far, now is the time to take pride in yourself as you develop towards becoming a runner. It is important to stay practical and relaxed about what you are trying to achieve, if things go wrong [as they often do], don’t panic, as you now have a base of running knowledge no one can take from you.

Overview: Weekday runs are 3 to 4 miles long and they include one day of speedwork, or faster running.
This preparation towards a 10K needs to equip you to run at a pace for a distance which will be 1Hr or longer. Progression with Time-to-Run will be fulfilling, it will make all your dedication worthwhile. This program will also see you move towards Training for 10K, which is no longer in the Beginner Zone .. Once you have followed the instructions of this schedule, you can move safely towards your 10K challenge.
The idea will be able to get you up to 75 minutes on your feet, as well as running 10 minutes with more effort towards the end of sessions.
If signing up for a 5-K wouldn’t light a fire under your butt and running a half-marathon seems like too big of a commitment, then it’s time to try a 10-K.

Each plan calls for four days of running per week, plus one day of optional cross-training.
The 10 minutes faster will help in your development of keeping things together from 8 to 10K, always a tough call.
We shall now present the 2 week training cycle, which will be repeated [4 weeks in total] towards your first 10k.

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