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Finding purpose in life after retirement,financial budget to get out of debt,top signs he's your soulmate - How to DIY

Women are less likely then men to enjoy retirement and more likely to miss their working lives, a survey has found.The research revealed eight in ten women feel they have no purpose in life once they have left their jobs, compared to just 54 per cent of men. Feelings of loneliness affect retired women more than men and they are more likely to wish they lived closer to family.The survey, commissioned by Skipton Building Society, questioned 678 retirees about life after work and found a striking gender divide.
The researchers concluded that a woman’s happy retirement relies on a good social life, with 56 per cent trying to regularly meet up with friends compared to just 33 per cent of men.But six in ten across both sexes  said their social life had petered out since retiring.
Your loved one may just need an extra push to defeat depression and discover his or her purpose.

While men enjoy starting new hobbies and interests and are happy to just relax at home, women are more likely to spend their twilight years worrying – particularly about their lack of income and social life. Almost half of men said they were loving every minute of their retirement, against 38 per cent of the opposite sex.
After retirement or a new health diagnosis, many seniors struggle with finding their place in the world, allowing feelings of isolation or depression to sink in.
Remind your loved one that his or her life can be meaningful to younger generations by encouraging the creation of a legacy he or she can share with everyone.

The staff at Home Care Assistance Palm Beach believes these suggestions can helpyour elderly loved one can redefine his or her purpose in life and enjoy greater happiness.

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