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I asked my good friend and fellow author of Ready Aim  Captivate to you talk to you today about finding your passion.
You see, whether you realise it or not, there are thousands of beliefs that you harbour in your mind about the world that you’ve never really examined. There really is something magical that happens when you write down your goals and dreams, instead of keeping them just in your head. When you write your answers down, you’re making the decision to start thinking about your life in a purposeful way. That means you’ve taken the first step to creating your life the way you want it, instead of simply being an observer, always on the lookout, just waiting for things to happen. For over 8 years now, I’ve been teaching people how important to your success being in alignment with your purpose is. So too, if you are not aligned with your Mission Blueprint (that’s the blueprint that outlines the best outcomes for your life), you can often manifest painful situations you weren’t born to experience. Starting your year aligned to your Mission Blueprint, and setting your goals from that place of alignment, means starting your year out on a solid foundation for success. So now you know some of your motivation codes, you set your goals for the new year now, making sure these words you’ve circles are going to get expressed in your plans.
Setting goals or making new years resolutions and plans, have a greater chance of success when you’re fully aligned to your Mission Blueprint.
If you’re interested to learn more about Mission Blueprint and how it can help you with your Life Path Plan visit this link for the complete details.
Here is the first chapter in my new book on how to find your life purpose, higher purpose and personal mission. When I’m on the road speaking, I often joke about the story of my life as if I’ve stuffed up, done everything wrong and made wrong decisions that lead me up the garden path of nowhere. Not knowing what it was I was supposed to do I took off to go find myself by traveling through South East Asia and meditating with the Buddhist monks in Thailand.
You would think after having an experience like that, that my life would be sorted from that moment on.
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I had already experienced the utter frustration of not being able to do things that I was passionate about before. And so my dear friends, I wish that each one of you discover and live your joyful passions today. Take the time from your busy schedule to dive into yourself and find those things that make you completely happy. Other beliefs may actually be sabotaging your efforts in the world (it will be next to impossible for you to ever become rich if you think that money is the root of all evil, and you’ll be unhappy in relationships if you think everyone is out to get you). And today, I would like to share a short but powerful exercise that will illuminate some of the most important aspects of your life.
After being written down on a page, your thoughts suddenly become more real… tangible… Even if you’ve done an exercise like this before, you may be surprised at how much has changed since then, or how different your insights are in your current frame of mind.

There is not sense in setting goals for the coming year ahead, if those goals contradict or conflict with your life purpose and life path. When you’re ever so slightly out of alignment, the further you walk your path, the less magnetic energy you have to manifest what you want. I am after all The Mission Mentor who teaches how to become Undefeatable using a “Strategy With Spirit” approach so your missions to transform this word! If you don’t have a spine that is in proper alignment, you not only can suffer from pain, you might also find a number of health issues develop along the way because of the lack of blood supply being able to run up and down your spine through the central nervous system.
You can also never full reach your potential and peak performance as a changemaker as well, because the power to do that lies on your Mission Blueprint. Planning year without knowing what you’re supposed to be doing in life is tantamount to planning to struggle and even fail. It connects you to your Mission Blueprint, clarifies your life direction, purpose and mission in life, and also maps out where is the first place to start. These words have the energetic magnetic pull that lead you to your Mission Blueprint and Mission Mojo. Because I believe being aligned to your mission blueprint is so fundamental to the success of your new year planning and goal setting, I’ve deeply discounted it so as many people as possible can get trained, aligned and connected to their Mission Mojo.
I have a very personal reason for wanting to help as many people as I can, find their Higher Purpose and Personal Mission in life, that you will discover as you follow the clues my Soul has left me in my life story. I took it as a sign that teaching history wasn’t the vehicle for my Life Purpose or the next part of my journey. That part of me that connects me to the Divine, to ancient knowledge and wisdom, to my blueprint for this life time, to love, to beauty, to joy, to bliss and to magnificence. That I would know what the purpose of my life was, what I’m here to do and what direction to go in, in any given moment.
You'll find many articles and resources that will help you grow emotionally and spiritually. You already have the power living inside you to start a process that magnetically attracts your passions to you. Natalie is passionate about helping others to achieve their greatest dreams and ambitions through personal transformation.
No amount of efforting will make those goals and resolutions succeed if they conflict with your purpose.
I should strive for this or I should make this my goal or I should do this. If you are sitting on any failed goals or struggling for some of them to come into fruition, it could be because you have set a goal you think you should have, rather than because it’s part of your personal mission at your Soul’s Mission Blueprint level.
You can do well and get along fine, but the success of a fulfilling and financially rewarding life will remain out of your grasp. I personally revisit this process myself every year, to realign or look at what the next step in my life path is.
It will help you to decipher the motivation behind what you do and begin the process of connecting you to your Mission Blueprint. Regardless of what choices we make we get regular feedback from life as to whether or not we are living on purpose and fulfilling our higher reason for being.

That perfection I did realise in hindsight and with deep reflection on all my life circumstances and activities. It’s up to you to decipher your Soul’s messages and be about being the magnificent self that you are. Throughout this book and the complimentary discovery sheets manual that goes with it I’ll be walking you through some processes of finding those clues and join the dots, so you can discover what you are here to do. Once we discover what our passions are, we need to hang on to them like we’re hanging on to dear life. Many years ago I used to draw in paper, then in clothes and now I find passion in web design. Your Mission Blueprint is like an achetectural blueprint for how to build a solid building only it’s about how to build a fulfilling and rewarding life of purpose.
However, on any life path are several moments in our life when our Soul is asking us to expand and step up to an even Higher Purpose.
I have found that no matter what choices we make, or where we end up in life we have never been abandoned by our Soul, that thing that animates us and allows Spirit to breathe life into us – the deepest part of our Self. So I went back home to New Zealand and I decided I better follow my passion because it seemed like the logical thing to do. I connected them together like dots on a page with the stroke of a pen to find the Higher Purpose for me being here.
That Soul sits there in every outcome, perceived good or bad, and it communicates to us providing us with clues throughout our life. You have a Soul that is communicating to you all the time often through your heart – your feelings and desires. The news hit me hard and as I began looking back at my life, I still didn’t feel like I had done what I came here to do yet. I discovered how my past had prepared me for my life’s work, and how I could take what I learned and share it with others. You can use the manual to work along side reading this book to find your clues and follow your path to the very thing you were born for.
In fact I would say I started life out with a little confusion as to what to teach, but got it right in the end. That took me to a teacher’s academy for A Course In Miracles in America where I lived a life based on transformation, teaching and service. In this way I could help others connect their life events, make meaning out of their past and present, so their future can be lived on purpose, in joy and that they can reach the satisfaction of making a difference. I was just pissed off the industry was facing a life threatening challenge and was determined it wasn’t going to happen on my shift.

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