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5 Reasons why you are Unproductive at work!By Swagata YadavarYou know there is something wrong in the way you work when, even after being in the office for 9 hours, you haven’t finished much work. Similarly you find yourself always lagging behind your workmates, submitting your work late and looking bad in front of your Boss!!
Remember to manage your time well to take enough small breaks but also get back to work fast.
You answer the phone while you are typing, you are chatting while you are working in excel and you are handling four projects at a time. You are smart, hard working and committed, your only flaw -you are disorganized and bad at planning. Tip for you: You simply have to learn management skills, you need to use tools like reminders and planners and organize your style of working.
With these tips we hope, you overcome your habits and obstacles and be a productive and happy worker! If your work is dull and easy, it can't hurt to take some extra notes during that meeting, or taking some extra initiative on that new project.

If you do get some new responsibilities, you can learn a lot of new things from that, but even if you're stuck to your boring grunt work, you can use that time to learn a new skill that's interesting to you.
If your job requires any kind of brainstorming or creative work, even once in awhile, use your boring spells to foster creativity during that time.
Everyone has bad days at work or even long periods when they feel disheartened about their job. You see your colleagues packing up or chilling while you seem on a frenzy to finish work and go home. You even overcome initial difficulties but some time later, your attention wanes, your enthusiasm runs out and you start getting bored. If you find planning to hampering your working style, divide your time between doing constructive work for half the day and creative work the rest of the day. Maybe you're just exhausted and you don't have the energy to do your work, so your boredom and your energy become a vicious cycle.
Perhaps you can listen to educational podcasts while you work, learn a new language by changing the language on your favorite web sites, or use your breaks to reinvigorate you with a personal project.

Letting your mind wander can help boost creative ideas, so the next time you're feeling bored, give in to the urge (as long as nothing important is happening).
We've talked about how to make it through a boring meeting before, but the best thing you can do is attack the problem at its source and change how meetings are run. Then, you can get back out there and find a career you actually like, and kick that boredom to the curb permanently. This may be difficult at first but will be easy as you work on it and your work will also be done much faster and in a better way. Use your breaks wisely, but don't feel too guilty about heading off to Facebook, Twitter, or your favorite tech- and productivity-oriented weblog during your workday.

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