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Why this matters: Since HTTP is part of the very foundation of the web, any changes that come to the protocol are a big deal. For the past two years we have taken the time to stop doing hardware and do give web browsers a chance at the spotlight. Google Chrome is undisputedly the best and one of the most popular web browser available in the market. Even though Chrome is the fastest web browser available, it’s often bashed for eating up your RAM and slowing down your PC. In a blog post, Google explains the method of prerendering the links that can make your Google Chrome faster. Never: If you are using a very limited data plan, select this to stop Google Chrome from preloading the web pages.
With “server push” a website could, for example, send a CSS stylesheet to the browser before it requests it—a logical move since the browser needs the CSS data to know how to lay out the page. This year is no exception and we will be taking our most in-depth look at web browsers ever.

According to different surveys, about 25-28 percent people browse the web using Google Chrome.
To make Google Chrome faster than ever, we’re here with some simple tweaks and tricks.
To make Google Chrome faster on touch screens computer, search for Touch Events and Enable it. Actually, while browsing, Chrome predicts the links you might click and it prepares them to load instantly for you.
Also, by enabling this option for increasing the Google Chrome speed, you browser predicts the web pages you might enter in the address bar and shows them as you hit enter.
Better Browse: This extension makes web browsing on Google Chrome about 15% faster by using some simple tweaks already mention in this tutorial.
These were the best methods which will help you to increase your web browsing speed and make Google chrome faster than ever. But it will take time for the new standard to roll out across the web and for all the kinks to get sorted out.

Back in 2009 when we started doing performance testing on web browsers we ran the Peacekeeper benchmark and called it a day. This extension suspends the unused tabs in Chrome, saves your PC juice and makes Google Chrome faster. To improve the web browsing experience and making it faster, Google has introduced many features like better security measures and new protocols. The new standard also pushes for encryption making the web more secure while optimizing performance.

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