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Fun family party board games can make the perfect entertainment for Christmas or a family gathering at any time of the year.
OUR REVIEW: You may think that general knowledge board games are slightly outdated, but they still have their place on Christmas day or on a Sunday afternoon. OUR REVIEW: Cranium brings together all the classic aspects of the best board games but is highly original and great fun. The holidays aren't just a time to stuff your face with home-cooked meals, it's also a time to reconnect with your family.
10 games and activities to keep multi-age groups of kids entertainedDecember 25, 2012 Holidays are a time for family gatherings.
The great thing about board games is they get everyone involved and interacting with each other. You can’t beat a game that relies half on luck of the draw and half on skill, and Cluedo certainly ticks these boxes. The Logo Board Game puts your knowledge to the test – a trivia style game with a twist. A family favourite board game for Christmas all over the world, Cranium is funny, challenging and imaginative.

Wii Party lets you use your Mii to compete in over 13 different party games and 17 minigames that are fun for the kids and grandparents alike. The original features soccer, beach volleyball, bowling, table tennis, track and field, and boxing to get your family off the couch post-Thanksgiving pig-out. We'll send you games, new research, upcoming events, and plenty of other resources to keep kids playing.
Here are some classics you may have forgotten about as well as our recommendations for some of the newer, more exciting games on the market in 2013.
Various versions of the game are available and you can pick it up for very reasonable prices at Amazon. And as you'd expect, bowling is an age-defying favorite, but the other games, including golf, tennis, baseball, and boxing, provide endless hours of entertainment. We highly recommend this quality board game for ages 8 upwards and it can be played by 2-6 people. Try any of these fun multi-age games and activities during your holiday celebrations.Hide and Go Seek, or even better Sardines! As the game continues, more and more people are hiding (stuck together like sardines in a can) until finally the last person finds everyone.Cookie or gingerbread house decorating.

Pair older cousins with younger ones so they help each other and you can worry about other things (or take a moment to relax with the rest of the adults!).Chinese jump rope is a fun game to teach and learn.
The final treat is sitting down to watch their hard work in action.Old photos and family trivia. Gather the family around to look at old photos from holidays past, swap stories or even invite the children to guess the answers to some family trivia.Capture the Flag can be a lot of fun with family. The object of the game is to take an item from the leader when they have their back turned and sneak it back across a line. Teach your kids how to play Kick the Can then let them run the show.Freeze Tag is a simple and fun game.

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