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Old Android phones have internal memory around 200 to 300 MB (Mega Bytes) unlike the latest one which have in few GB (Giga Bytes). First of all your mobile must be charged at least up to 70% so that there will not be any interruption during memory card partition. You must take a backup of memory card on your computer as all the data on the card gets erased during installation.

I have rooted galaxy y and I have installed jelly beam 4.3 rom, now I want to partition SD card with this method but fail to do…anybody plz help! I have a Samsung coolpad any help, cus I haven’t been able to partition my sd, thanks!!
With the help of link2SD app and memory card partition, you can increase internal memory as per your requirement.

Day by day several new apps are getting available for the android devices, but your limited internal memory restricts it to the certain limit.

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