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Examples of other roles include (but are certainly not limited to): chef, dog lover, brother, photographer, boss, mentor, traveler, grandchild, thinker, etc. Don't be too hard on yourself if you miss a date that you planned to accomplish a goal buy--make adjustments to your plan and continue forward. Meet Grahamster, a student from Ohio who has been on wikiHow for over 5 years and has written 83 articles.
Within the first few months of the YouthBuild program, each student, with the help of a counselor or other staff member, will begin a YouthBuild Life Plan, which requires the student to formally document his or her goals and brings those goals, hopes, and dreams into focus. All YouthBuild Life Plans should include short- and long-term goals that the student sets, as well as strategies for achieving them. Remember that YouthBuild Life Plans are subject to change over time, especially as graduation approaches and the student starts really thinking about next steps after YouthBuild. A clear plan helps you stay on track and motivates you to reach your goals.Visualization will help motivate you to see the end results. When you are feeling adrift, or simply want to figure out what your priorities are, you may want to consider writing a life plan.
Once you have really considered the why behind the things you want to be and do in your life, make a list of them. Once you have outlined the vague goals that you want to have in your life, such as earn your Masters, set out some defined goals and the dates that you want to reach them by.

Or, if one of your goals is simply to be happy, write out the details of what will make you most happy along the way. When you do find that your priorities and the goals associated with those priorities have changed, its time to rewrite at least part of your life plan. Add goals as they become priorities in your life and remove those that aren’t as important anymore. A YouthBuild Life Plan requires young people to evaluate their leadership skills, engage in service opportunities, develop healthy relationships, and determine steps to building a positive social network. The beauty of a life plan is that it can give a structure to your life while also changing and growing as you do.
However, these roles are the nouns that you would want someone to use to describe you at the end of your life. To do this, consider the roles that you want to continue playing, or those you want to add to your life in the future.
What steps are you going to need to do actually reach your goal from where you stand in the present moment. Whatever format you choose to use, write the steps you will need to take to achieve each of your goals in chronological order. The goals and priorities that you had when you were 15 are probably not the same as the goals you will have when you are 25 or 45.

Consider what is different, what is more important to you now, and how you will achieve this new goal.
Looking at the sample YouthBuild Life Plan categories below, it’s easy to see how these personal goals and objectives could lead to mentoring activity ideas.
Encourage mentors to be flexible as they work with mentees during YouthBuild Life Plan-related activities. Think about any of the roles you are playing the present that are stressing you out or causing a negative impact on your life--perhaps those are roles you would like to cross from your list in the future. Remember, these are the goals you really want to achieve, not the goals you think others want you to have.
It is important to review your life plan every so often to make sure that you are following a plan that will truly give you a happy and satisfactory life.
Maybe you have ‘father’ written on your future goals because you want to have children with your partner and give them an amazing life. If you need some extra help narrowing down your ideas, consider putting your goals into categories.

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