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If you groom often and want a close smooth shave every time, one of the most essential equipment you should have in your grooming kit is a good double-edged razor. Crystal “SUPER,” commonly known as Israeli Pearson are exceptional platinum-coated stainless steel blades manufactured by Super Crystal. Perma Sharp is a Russian brand of double-edged razor blades designed for safety users and barbers. Sharp and made of a premium super chrome polymer-coated stainless steel, Shark double edge safety razor blades by SOTRACO are among the most functional brands around. German made Wilkinson Sword is a classic double edge razor blade, liked for its superior value and performance. Feather by Feather is a budget brand of Hi stainless steel double edge razor blades imported from Japan. Flexible yet durable, Russian-made Astra is one of the top best double edge razor blades in the market. In 2015, the Personna by Personna is the best brand of double edge razor blades as per our review. Apart from their sharpness, these double edge blades are a preferred choice of many individuals and barbers worldwide because of their safety.

This combo pack by Merkur Razor is among the top 10 best double edge razor blades worth buying for the following major reasons: first, their stainless steel material is durable and rustproof.
If you are a novice and or groom sensitive body parts (under the chin, etc.) regularly, this brand of safety blades might be the best for you.
The blades are also sharp and functional, compatible with a majority of double edge shavers in the market, and wrapped in individually waxed papers to prevent rust. It allows enables the blades to cut hair closest to the skin, whilst lowering the risk of nasty cuts, unsightly nicks, and or painful bruises.
They are also sharp, relatively easier to control when grooming, and fit all Merkur double edge razors.
They are also durable, affordable, and compatible with Gillette, Merkur, Parker, and many other premium double razor shavers. It is also functional and has ever-sharp edges that cut hair as close to the root as possible. They are also flexible, wrapped in an easy to use dispenser carton, and contain premium glide-coated cutting edges that are 25% sharper than the competition. Waxed papers also lower the risk of contamination and keep the razorblades sharp, slip proof, and therefore, excellent for dry and wet shaving.

Silver Blue blades are attainable as a 20 packs with 5 blades each, and are compatible with most double blade shavers.
They also fit most standard razors, and made of a light and rustproof stainless steel material that is very durable. With this package, you get 100 blades packaged as 20 tucks, each with five-ready-to-use blades. They are compatible with many razors and attainable as 20 packs of 5 razors, each wrapped in a waterproof wax paper.
Finally, as many brands highlighted on this list, Wilkinson Sword classic razor blades are comfortable on the skin. Feather double edge blades are compatible with many razors and attainable as a cheap value pack of 100 blades.

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