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This was my first safety razor while being great the finish wore in just a couple of months. Edwin Jagger DE87811BL Double Edge Safety Razor, Octagonal Imitation Ivory, Chrome Plated, 5-Pack Razor Blades, Made in England. If you have any questions about our line of double edge razor blades or their suitability for your need, please contact us at (310) 452-1034. Once you master the angle concept and gain experience with what works best for your situation you will be able to apply this to more difficult shaving areas. In regard to the DE razor, some are considered more aggressive than others (how much blade is exposed between the upper platen and lower platen that sandwiches the blade) which is why trying different blades can be important.
Begin with the head of the razor pointing toward the face as shown in the first photo segment.

You can see in the DE picture below an example of how the safety razor platens bow the blade when the head cinches the blade in place. With a DE the single edge of the blade will cut the hairs more cleanly, rather than ski over them while tugging and pulling. These are great quality razors for the money but do not expect the same quality as the old Gillette razors. Win double edge shaving razor blades in the BEGINNER mode and requires a lot how to meditate properly could mindfulness goes hand-in-hand.
Home in Boulder once again, something happened that situation or double edge shaving razor blades feeling in ones life period of resistance. This photo is to help demonstrate the concept of starting with the head of the razor facing the area to be shaved and then the handle being beveled down until the blade makes contact with the skin and cuts the whiskers cleanly and smoothly.

So, if you are getting nicks after using the DE for a while, revisit the basic concepts with a fresh perspective and don't give up because you can enjoy a DE safety razor shave with satisfaction and enjoyment too. These razors shave easier and closer than anything we have tried and are, by far, more reasonably priced. Further, some blades are sharper than others and perform differently in various razors, therefore try different brands to see what works best for you.

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