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Now we are right on the cusp of Movember as I am sure you are aware, and it’s that time of year again where for many of us wet shave for perhaps the first time in nearly a year! They say that trends repeat themselves and you may be surprised to know that shaving also has trends. In the ten years or so that I have been shaving, the only options known to me were disposable Bic razors, cartridge razors such as the Mach 3 (4, 5, 6 and whatever next!) and electric razors. To get a decent close shave with a cartridge type razor I find myself going over every patch of my skin in all directions multiple times. Now there are two main barriers to entry with regards to double edge shaving which probably deter many a non forward thinking gent; initial equipment cost and the learning curve. There is a learning curve to using double edge blades and despite them being in a ‘safety razor’, you are putting a super sharp blade onto your skin and without great care you will cut yourself more than with a cartridge razor. For me and any logical person, the benefits to DE shaving clearly outweigh the negatives and you will not regret taking the plunge. Preparation is key; softening the hair and face with hot water and pre shave products will make the whole experience easier and smoother. Look after your equipment; giving your razor a quick clean with a scrubbing brush after each shave and washing your brush out thoroughly will help prolong them for years of use. To help you get started, wehave supplied some great resources below which have helped me, and I am in no doubt will help you as well.

In recent times there seems to be three of these; beard trimmers, electric razors and cartridge razors but one trend is making a serious comeback in the world of wet shaving, double edge shaving with a safety razor.
Each time pressing 5 blades into your skin inevitably leads to razor burn and irritation, this is something you can reduce with double edge shaving. A double edge blade won’t take everything off with one pass but will be consistent in shortening all hairs each time, allowing you to get closer and closer with each pass until you have a baby smooth feeling after your shave. Your blade may last a week (if you’re lucky), that’s 52 blades over the course of a year and ?169 or 6 packs of 10 double edge blades at ?18.
You can spend around ?10 and get a razor complete with cartridge and some cheap shaving foam in a can. However, given the situation and sharp implement against your face, the learning curve is pretty quick, and with concentration you should pick it up in no time. This is definitely something that reduces with time along with the effectiveness of your shaves, getting closer and with less irritation. I will give one warning though; DE shaving is addictive and can become more of a hobby, I have spent numerous hours reading various blogs, forums, reviews and shopping for different brushes, creams, soaps and the like. When using a safety razor there is only ever one blade at a time and it is so sharp that you don’t need to apply any pressure to have an effective shave, the weight of the razor does all the work, and coupled with good preparation you can achieve an irritation free shave which is closer than a cartridge razor. With the extra control you get using a safety razor, you can get definitely get a closer shave even before perfecting your technique.

You can even buy double edge blades in packs of 100 and the price comes down further still.
I am also currently shaving more than ever as I look to try new things and improve my technique (and I don’t even have facial hair!! On top of that you are paying more and more for a cartridge which seems to last less and less shaves, and thankfully there is a much cheaper alternative out there.
This obviously becomes more even more apparent when shaving against the grain of your hair growth, which you can do much easier than with a cartridge. Say that I shave just once a week and being generous a cartridge will last for three shaves, which means a four pack will last twelve weeks or three months which gives us a total of ?52 a year. The same amount of shaves with a safety razor and you will use approximately 16 blades for the year and twenty blades will cost just ?6!

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