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This was fascinating; this unspoken communication between me and my dogs, this energy I was putting out into the world, this simple dog walk had far-reaching implications that revealed to me how I wanted to live my life and how I related to everyone and everything around me. But it is this awareness that my dogs are reflecting my energy, as well as the consistency of walking every day that helps. To be sure, my dogs and I still have issues to work out, but by being open, with a desire to live more harmoniously in my surroundings, the dog walking has proven to be a kind of awareness meditation practice that sustains peace and transforms fears. It would often look something like this: dog leash in one hand, a Starbucks coffee in the other, sauntering down the street with a neighbor friend and her dog, happily chatting away.
First, I become super aware of all the stories my ego played over and over in my head as I walked the dogs, but then, instead dwelling on that, I began focusing on the actual beings and things that were there in front of me.

I remember a Vipassana walking practice: right foot steps, left foot steps, right foot steps, left foot steps. It is being with my dogs out in the world with clear intentions that helps me practice just being. It is the habit of many of the people in my neighborhood to let their dogs go loose to do their business–no leash or supervision.
In my broken Spanish, I tried to console the woman and her traumatized doggie until the cop finally came and wrote me and Jake up. I had taken dog-training lessons as a youth, but this approach was a lot more than just making your dog sit, stay and heel.

They became dangerously competitive and would fight each other over dogs they met on the street. My struggle with this seemed to increase, even as I sought to quell these feelings with yoga and mindfulness meditation. I equate it to a feeling of body-surfing, being one with the wave, only now I am one with the dogs.

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