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In this article, I’m going to share an inward self-journaling exercise to discover your real life purpose. The exercise to discover your purpose is really simple, and can be summarized in 4 easy steps.
When I did this exercise 2 years ago to discover my purpose, my first set of answers were social-conditioning junk, like earning money, becoming slim and pretty, becoming successful, etc. The most important thing to realize is even after defining your life mission statement, it will change in the future. As I have shared in my personal life story on how I came to discover my purpose, it was the active pursuit of growth and exposure to different contextual stimulants that allowed me to eventually realize what I truly want to do in life. Just like how you can never ever reach north, your statement should be an action which is an ongoing journey. In the last part of this series, we will discuss on how to reconcile your current life with your new purpose.
Seriously, it is from consciously taking time out to think about my life purpose that I live with clarity today. For me, I was doing a lot of introspection on my life and flushing out mental waste for the few days before I did the exercise, so it helped facilitate the exercise. In a matter of time, the process of trial and error will eventually lead you to your real purpose which clicks within you. It is possible that you have undergone changes or obtained new revelations in your world beliefs which makes your purpose irrelevant to you. You might have heard about companies having mission statements, and it’s really the same thing, just applied to our life.

What you type here is not important; it is the final answer you reach at the end of the exercise that is your real purpose. It also does not matter if your thought is a short phrase, a long sentence, repeated or seems irrelevant. The first signs of my purpose started popping at #20 and I finally arrived at a full answer that fully resonated with me at #80.
The more contexts you have been exposed, the more likely you would have come into contact with what really stirs up your soul on the inside. The more situations you expose yourself to, the higher the chance of finding what really sets you off on the inside.
The level of your consciousness is represented by your knowingness of yourself and the world. By properly understanding the landscape of the entire universe you are in, you will be able to more accurately identify your purpose and build it on an unshakable foundation.
After doing the writing exercise with my subconsciousness and consciously evaluating my purpose, I arrived at my purpose below (which I have mentioned in my article on my personal story). Please do share with me your experience and the output you generate from this exercise – I would love to read about it. Now that you have discovered your new found purpose in life, it’s time to integrate it in your life. Celestine Chua is the founder of Personal Excellence, your #1 site to achieve personal excellence. Through this exercise, I discovered my purpose and so have many of my 1-1 clients and readers, and we have since lived our life on purpose.

When you reach emotional resonance, congratulations – You have defined your mission statement! Just like you evolve as a person throughout the journey, your perceptions of life’s meaning will change too.
These are the flakes of social, media and environmental conditioning that are accumulated in your mind over the course of your life. Many of you in 30DLBL program shared long statements of over 3 lines, and while they convey strong power, you want to make sure your mission statement is sharp and concise (2-3 lines) so you can immediately remember them no matter where you are. Discovering your life purpose isn’t a mystery because your inner self has the answer all along.
Your purpose should be long enough such that it means something to you and concise enough so it’s easy for you to remember. If you feel that you are too busy to spare even 30 minutes, consider that 30 minutes is a minuscule investment for an output that will turn your whole life around. If you have not experienced any clarity on your purpose in life before, you will find that your answers start off as imposed purposes. Get to the answer that evokes your strongest emotions and resonates with the depth of your soul. Note down what are your last trend of answers in each sitting, then in the next sitting, continue on from that state.

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