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It may not make you levitate, teleport and breathe fire like it did for Dhalsim back in our Street Fighter days (see picture above, courtesy of Meditation Pictures), but meditation is a powerful tool for any poker player.
Whenever I'm feeling all worked up from a bad run, I find that the perfect way to de-tilt and move on from the event is through some simple breathing techniques or meditation. Using some simple, deep breathing techniques has an instantaneous affect on anxiety and stress. Poker player, and author of Elements of Poker, Tommy Angelo has a really interesting blog that offers plenty of meditation tips and techniques. Belly breathing is one of the simplest ways to improve the respiratory system and increase life energy. Everyone is born breathing deeply but over time, proper techniques of inhalation and exhalation are lost. Done properly and regularly, diaphragmatic breathing can boost immunity, increase energy, improve digestion, stimulate elimination, improve circulation, and promote good health. Diaphragmatic breathing causes your diaphragm to press against and gently massage your adrenal glands with each breath, which in turn helps to rejuvenate the adrenals.
When you breathe deeply, you bring more oxygen into your body and release more carbon dioxide out. The key to deep breathing is to learn how to sense unnecessary tension in your body and how to release tension with your breath.
Applying the principle that blood follows where energy leads, chee-gung brings the breathing process under voluntary control in order to harness and circulate energy, which stimulates blood circulation to all tissues.
Pilates, yoga, Tai chi and Qi Gong (pronounced 'chee goong') combine toning exercises with the benefit of belly breathing.

Lie on your back and take 8 – 10 deep breaths, then transfer to your right side and do 16 deep breaths, then finally (if you are still awake) transfer to your left side and do 32 deep breaths. Once you get back in the habit of breathing deeply, you should notice better sleep patterns, an increase in energy, and experience a more relaxed state of being.
Meditation is a state of altered consciousness where your brain slows down from its normal, beta-wave activity to a calmer alpha state. There are all sorts of free tools on the Internet to guide you through a meditation, especially on YouTube or your mobile app store, where you can find some music and an audio guide. Anyone who is looking for better health and longevity should learn the techniques of belly breathing. Your body thrives on negative ions, which help hold atmospheric energy around you and carry it into your body via your breathing. Breathing controls cellular respiration and shallow irregular breathing is a major cause of low vitality and energy and slow metabolism.
This fast, shallow breathing expels carbon dioxide too quickly, which can have many detrimental effects on physical and emotional health. This breathing technique can actually give you a boost of energy, and it’s easy enough to do right at your desk. Assumptions that meditation was something that needs to be taught by gurus is a way of the past. Before you do that, begin with this basic breathing technique that I was taught by life coach Karen Burgess and I love to use it anywhere, at anytime. Sluggish bowels are stimulated by regularly practicing belly breathing and constipation may be eliminated altogether by toning lung energy via belly breathing.

In deep, belly breathing, the downward and upward movements of the diaphragm, combined with the outward and inward movements of the belly, ribcage, and lower back, also help to promote blood flow, increase intestinal peristalsis, detoxify your inner organs, and pump lymph more efficiently. Meditation is a quick and effective way to switch the autonomous nervous system from the stressful sympathetic branch (fight or flight) over to the restful parasympathetic system (restorative). Done regularly, meditation generates a glow of radiant health and helps maintain a positive outlook, which are essential to good health and longevity.
Lawmakers might be able to tax us to clean up polluted air but so far they haven’t thought of a way to charge us for breathing!
The use of the hands on the chest and abdomen are only needed to help you train your breathing. Deep breathing helps your body compensate breathing 'dead air' and helps improve energy levels and guard your immune system.
When you take a really deep breaths of air; let it all in very slowly, and then release it very slowly too! The lymphatic system, which is an important part of your immune system, has no pump other than muscular movements, which includes the movements of breathing. Taking slower deeper breaths combined with the rhythmical pumping of your diaphragm, abdomen, and belly, helps turn on the relaxing parasympathetic branch of your nervous system. You are born belly breathing but over time, (as stress levels intensify), you fall out of practice and start taking shallow, less meaningful breaths.

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