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Tomorrow (click here for Day two of Help declutter my home )  I am going to tell you about why we need to get rid of things, but before you move to day 2, I want you to make yourself another list (yes, you are adding to your clutter with this list!) and write down the reason that you keep things. God made decluttering easy for us: we moved twice, had two floods, and are moving to Nepal. My husband and I just went through some major decluttering as we just moved overseas with only a few suitcases to our name–and yes, it’s very freeing indeed to not have so much stuff! If you don’t regularly take a look at what takes up space in your life, you can make the same decisions over and over again. I refer to this concept as abundant minimalism– letting go of all that clutters your life and sucks your energy to make room for even more of what you love and what will allow you to grow and expand. It’s easy to go through life working for the future (or the weekend like these guys), just keeping our heads above water. Enter your name and email below for expert career and lifestyle tips and inspiration on how to become truly happy at work. As the queen of de-clutter in my home, even to the point of throwing away things I later want, I had never thought about de-cluttering my life and thoughts of negative or time-wasting things. Love love love this… I completely agree – we need to declutter our lives more often – and going beyond the physical stuff is KEY! It's also Lily Bean's birthday!Seeing that today is all about love and relationships (and the baggage that comes with it), I thought today would be the perfect day to announce my second minimalist book, Minimalist Monday: Decluttering Your Life!

But taking time out to do an inventory, to declutter and Spring clean can help us to avoid feeling stale, out of date and overwhelmed. Choose one area of your life and set a plan to clear it this week be it a physical space, a mindset shift or an issue that needs resolved. I always keep things simple, organized and decluttered and I go through things regularly (online and in my non-online environment). I appreciate reading and learning about decluttering because I think it’s too easy to accumulate, and the real task lies in doing the opposite! I keep not decluttering because I am worried about finging the replacements, but I know that it will flow in once I let go of the old. But after several months of trying to find it, even braving the dread Self Help section, I gave up and downloaded it.This is a very good and practical book for anyone who wants to declutter or streamline their life. We are both interested in adopting more of a minimalist life style as part of our general commitment to environmental values. Letting Go of Emotional Baggage, Toxic Relationships, and Social Chaos to Build Your Ideal, Zen Life. Three years ago I decided to declutter my job; I passed some energy-zapping duties to the managers below me and focused on what I really wanted to do which was working with new leaders.
Decluttering (and downsizing) was where I started with my own minimalist journey… BUT as I soon discovered (and I hope you do too), a decluttered home is not the same as a decluttered life.

Also loved your concept of abundant minimalism and the phrase, Spring time decluttering is the new New Year’s resolution, brilliant! There is so much more to minimalism!"My minimalist journey has been awesome and all-encompassing, touching and benefiting every aspect of my life: my career, my relationships, my finances, my spirit, and my dreams. This gets a bit redundant, but it has the advantage of making it possible to flip to a particular room and get everything you need to do in one section without flipping around.The part I like best is that you have to remove everything from a room to really declutter. Decluttering my life meant I had to face a few personal demons, make hard decisions, end certain relationships, and — gasp!
Yet, when I applied the principals of minimalism to my life the way I applied them to my closet, I found the same, amazing result: a zen, happy, clean space that allowed me to thrive and focus on what mattered. Just open this book, and you'll be on your way to a simpler, more streamlined, and more serene life.
This book is about minimizing stress and chaos in your life so you can find your way to your ideal day, ideal relationship, ideal career — or all of the above!

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