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It used to be that an electric shaver would do in a pinch if you were on the go, but if you wanted a smooth, kissable face, you reached for a razor and a handful of foam. Hypoallergenic blades reduce skin irritation and the ComfortCut heads have specific slots to cut long hairs and holes that trim stubble, so you can enjoy a close shave. The ShaveTech stands out as an USB-powered razor that works with numerous charging outlets and lasts up to 30 minutes. Remington's highest-quality rotary shaver, the XR7 uses TwinTrack PrecisionPlus shaving heads to give you an ultra-close shave. One of the fastest growing segments of the head shaving industry that I'm seeing is Double Edge (DE) Safety Razor shaving.
It should be mentioned that shaving with a DE razor by using multiple passes results in beard reduction. The shaver is slightly head heavy; thus the weight of the head facilitates an extra close shave. It is made from nickle plated chrome and has a delightful weight, balanced for a precise shave.
The long handle features a spiraled etching for a better, surer grip when shaving.The 38C has been a favorite of shavers for decades. Due to the advanced shaving technique needed, the Vision is probably not the best gateway razor for the DE neophyte. But with the slant, since a range of angles are built into the head it can be easier to receive a close shave. Like the CL models, it is comprised of four parts and the two part handle allows the shaver to easily maneuver the razor. However often one shaves, there can be no doubt the qualities of fine grooming carry over into many other facets of human interaction and indeed one’s self worth. Well, things have changed; today's crop of electric shavers can buzz closer than ever, and that means smooth skin. Four interchangeable trimmer and shaver heads, alongside three different guides combined with a non-slip rubberized grip gives users precise control over define your look.
Along with adopting the Safety Razor, many head shavers are also purchasing a shaving brush and shaving mug to lather up their shaving cream.
The smooth head of the shaver glides effortlessly across the face, minimizing irritation while cutting whiskers.
For men looking for a nimble and quick shave, the style and performance the 42C can’t be beat.

It delivers a very close and smooth shave without nicks or bruises.Merkur 43C Review This heavy, long handled 2-piece double edge razor has a solid, brushed stainless steel handle with a chrome plated, fixed bar safety head and a closed comb. Some have commented that it requires extra cleaning should hard water be used when shaving. Armed Forces, it has a straight bar with a wave pattern for a close, comfortable shave of normal beards or sensitive skin.
The stylish black leather traveling case has room for a 10 pack of blades.ConclusionBy now, you probably realize that a single blade safety razor (DE) shave is unsurpassed by any other save for the barbershop straight razor. Enjoy relishing the finer points of refined shaving with a Merkur razor.If you teach a poor young man to shave himself, and keep his razor in order, you may contribute more to the happiness of his life than in giving him a thousand guineas. If you're looking for advice on which safety razor, or even straight razor, to purchase, check out this thread on the best DE Safety Razor for head shaving. The popularity of the 34C HD comes from its classic head which uses its weight to help provide a close and comfortable shave. Considerably smaller than most razors, many men use it for shaving other areas of their body besides their face.
It is one of the heaviest razors on the market, weighing 148 g (5.22 oz), and its well balanced heft uses the blade to shave whiskers without effort. Some shavers report that the 985CL performs betters with certain blades; too sharp and the razor bites but if too dull the razor tugs. On the other hand, one gets a much better shave (with practice!) from a double edge single blade razor and spend $5 to $15 (depends of manufacturer) for 100 high quality blades that last far longer than cartridges.
Wet shaving DE neophytes make the common mistake of not correctly tightening the top of the razor to the handle, thus allowing up-and-down play from the blade. Easy to use, it’s considered a starter razor as the balance and size is an ideal introduction to those who are unaccustomed to the quality of a precision shaving tool.
Users rave about the razor’s balance and weight as well as its silky smooth, close shave. The longer handle length with an elephant foot design and Merkur logo provides added heft and dexterity for a close, comfortable shave. Plus the chances of ingrown hairs are greatly reduced by using safety razors.Certainly there is more to the DE shaving experience than the razor. Ergo, the less the blade is exposed, the milder the shave; conversely, a more exposed blade means a more aggressive shave.
It gives minimal razor burn irritation but uses minimal effort for a silky and precise shave.

Many men enjoy shaving with them; with practice and experience they adjust the razor for their perfect shave.
Blades, brushes, soaps and perhaps even an aftershave balm all contribute to making a quality shave one of life’s pleasurable events. On the second pass, shave XTG (across the grain); this refers to the direction your beard grows. The 41 is the open comb bar version of the 42; it comfortably shaves the coarsest beards with ease. See some our suggestions here) Again, mass marketing has blinded shavers to the reality that canned shaving cream clogs facial pores and is a poor lubricant for shaving. As one gains experience with DE shaving, he will develop a technique that’s right for his specific facial features. While the 41 is recommended for experienced wet shavers, some men prefer a more aggressive razor.
Quality shaving soaps and creams lubricate one’s face better, can be far cheaper than canned shaving cream and are much better for the skin. An outstanding value, it is often used as a travel shaver or when skipping a day or two between shaves. DE aficionados are a presence on the internet and many freely share their advice and thoughts about shavers and the other trappings associated with the DE shaving experience. Considered rather mild (and perhaps not sufficiently aggressive for some), it delivers an extremely smooth, comfortable and close shave with no razor burns.
With an overall weight of 122 g (4.3 oz), the Futur provides the comfortable heft, balance and solid feel sought after by many traditional DE shavers. When the shaver turns the handle, the cutting head is either raised or lowered, creating a larger or smaller blade gap. It features outstanding craftsmanship, an incredibly smooth shave and stylish lines heretofore unseen on the brand’s venerable models. Finished in a brushed satin chrome with a smooth matte surfaced handle, it’s the pinnacle of modern shave engineering for maximum comfort and closeness.

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