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Finding the best road bike for a great price can be hard for beginners but we’re here to help.
Steering you through the world of road bikes, Bex arms you with the need to know basics, from the style of road bikes available, to the components you need to pay attention to, before delving into what a bike should feature in the various price brackets. If you’re about to embark on buying the best road bike we’d suggest you visit a couple of shops, find out your size and test ride a few before hand.
Read our ‘Buying Your First Bike’ article for useful info on what you need to look out for when shopping for a new bike. They may all look similar but the geometry of road bike frames differ sufficiently depending on their intended purpose.
It’s worth mentioning that there are also flat-barred road bikes that are both popular and comfortable to ride, however, for now, our focus is on those bikes with drop handlebars aimed at pure road cycling. When you’re getting down to the nitty gritty, always start with the frame, it’s the most important, expensive part, truly the heart of the bike. Entry-level and beginner road bikes tend to be constructed from Aluminium tubing, they are lightweight, stiff and easy to manufacture. Higher end bikes can also be made from aluminium but these have butted tubes, with varying wall thickness and shaped tubes to enhance comfort and reduce weight. Previously it was only found on high-end race bikes but today the technical qualities, including being very comfortable and compliant, have trickled down to more affordable models, entry-level models. All road bikes come equipped with one of three main manufacturers groupsets, we’re talking about the moving parts such as the gear shifters, and derailleurs, brakes and levers, made by Shimano, Campagnolo or SRAM.
Like the frame, wheels make a huge impact on how the bike rides, so unlike other components that you can upgrade later, it’s worth buying your new road bike with a set you’re happy with. Specialized Dolce Equipped Triple 2013 Womens Road Bike comes at a great piece at ?670 with an aluminium frame and carbon forks, making it a great priced bike for beginners. Starting at the entry-level road bike range, that’s about ?700 in real money, you’ll get a decent double butted aluminium frame with carbon bladed fork and a Shimano Sora groupset. Once you get to the ?1000 price band bikes the lightweight aluminium frames come equipped with more reliable groupsets, likely to be Shimano Tiagra or Campagnolo Veloce, resulting in smoother gear changes that will feel more accurate and reliable. This price category will give you a really good start into the lightweight and performance road bike field.
Have a read up of our best road bikes over ?1500 for an insight in what models are good to lookout for when buying.
At ?2749, the 2013 Giant Avail Composite comes with the best Shimano Ultegra Di2 electronic components, meaning a lighter and more reliable bike. At ?3000 the Trek Madone 5.2 H2 Compact WSD 2013 is one of the best womens road bikes on the market.

And if you’re looking for an expensive ride, or wondering how much the most someone has ever spent on a bike before, our 10 of the Most Expensive Bikes in the World is definitely worth a read. We hope you have a great deal of fun and excitement choosing your new ride, take your time and savour the experience in order to find the best road bike out there. Although we recommend spending as much as you can to get the best bike possible, we’re not advocating you get into debt, set a budget and stick to it.
Generally appearing at £400 plus, road bikes are very lightweight, and usually have thin tyres and drop-handlebars.
If you're pushed for space or would like to combine your cycling with other forms of transport, a folding bike could be perfect for you.
British Cycling and Sky have come together to help get even more people riding their bikes and falling in love with cycling. If you plan to do more than just salivate over the shiny new bikes in our Buyer's Guide, you might be feeling a little overwhelmed by your options. If you're more interested in exploring off road, your choice is pretty straightforward: Look for a mountain bike with wide, knobby tires, a flat handlebar, strong brakes, and shock-absorbing suspension that's made for rough, unpredictable trails. In terms of versatility, don't discount a road bike just because the name implies a single purpose. Bike shopping is a lot like buying a house or car—you should rarely purchase the first model you see.
For test rides or bike fittings, put on the same apparel and shoes you plan to use on actual rides. Nowadays, it’s mostly used for custom frame builds, where a frame and bike is specifically designed and built for an individual rider to order.
The more expensive the bike the better the groupset, the lighter and more reliable the components will be and the better the performance too. A bad pair of wheels can ruin an otherwise great bike, so get the best and lightest you can afford to enhance the way the bike handles and responds.
Head up towards ?800 and the bikes will include more Shimano Tiagra parts to entice you in. Have a read of our ‘Six of the Best Women’s Road Bikes around ?1000’ article for more details on our best road bike picks for this price range. If you really want a carbon fibre frame then you’ll most likely need to stretch to ?1200, at this price point the choice for best road bikes then explodes. Don’t forget, it is worth looking at interest free purchases or spreading the cost monthly so you get the right bike for your needs. They generally have the larger wheels of the road bike, with tyre widths midway between a road and mountain bike, which means a comfortable, fast-rolling ride.

If you're still riding the same clunker that's been in your garage since high school, almost any new bike is going to feel amazing, but that's only because the technology has come a long way. A bicycle can fit one way when you're in jeans and another when you're wearing cycling shorts.
While slower than a road bike on tarmac, a mountain bike can be easily adapted for road duty by swapping to slick tyres. Most hybrids have flat handlebars with mountain bike-style controls, giving a more comfortable riding position with better visibility and easy access to the brakes and gears.
Town bikes often come fitted with racks, dynamo lights and sometimes locks, making them complete, ready-to-roll packages for relaxed, short-hop town riding. Most road bikes have smooth, skinny tires and a curved handlebar, and place you in a bent-over position suited for speed. They're lightweight and fun to ride, making them a solid choice for commuters or new riders who want one bike to run errands, cruise the rail-trail, and ride with the family. Better: Find a shop staffed with a certified fitter who will take precise measurements, set you up on multiple bikes, and swap parts if necessary to dial your position.
On the other hand, an unfamiliar bike at the shop might feel wrong just because it's different.
Before you take that spin, though, ask for fit adjustments and a quick tutorial on how the bike operates, says Gutierrez.
Besides fit sessions and test rides, a shop will ensure quality assembly and might offer free adjustments for a period of time, as well as other discounts on accessories included with the purchase of a complete bike.
Hybrids often have the ability to mount racks and mudguards – some come equipped with these items as standard, making them ideal commuting and everyday use bikes. Don't be tempted by the bargain basement folding bikes though – in the main, they're poorly designed and poorly made. But if you're planning to burn some serious calories, train for a charity ride, or maybe even sign up for a race, you'll be more satisfied with a road bike, says Davitt. A shop is also a venue for getting to know other cyclists through organized group rides and events, says Charles von Isenburg, owner of Mock Orange Bikes in Winston-Salem, North Carolina. Bikes labelled as hybrids can often be very different, with some much more akin to mountain bikes, while at the other extreme, some are little more than road bikes with flat handlebars. Commuter bikes range from sturdy workhorses to stylish fashion accessories, and often have utilitarian features like rack and fender mounts, an upright frame design, and low-maintenance drivetrains.

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