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As you all know my areas of expertise are Learning and Communication and I do a lot of business networking. In considering internal communication, how you connect and interact with yourself, I asked the students to set a goal for the workshop and every single one of them wanted to be more confident. I really appreciated their honesty and we worked on a technique that enables them to become more confident in an instant. It is easy to be confident when you know people really well or when you’ve been doing a job for some time but this confuses confidence with familiarity. Real confidence is being comfortable enough with yourself to enter an unfamiliar situation with a “bring it on “ attitude and it can be transferred to a different situation with equal self –belief.
Now there may be any number of situations where you lack confidence but they all have one thing in common – they will be based on some kind of fear about your ability to succeed. All problems are problems of imagination and all solutions are solutions of imagination and you can make your imagination work for you, helping you to be more confident, rather than against you picturing everything that can go wrong.
An easy way to do this is to think back to a time in the past, a specific time, when you have felt truly confident.

Imagine being there and notice what you see, hear, and say to yourself in your own mind when you know you are this confident. Then practise being in this state , adopting the breathing, stance and feelings of being confident. You can use the power of this image to build confidence so that you can switch it on whenever you need to and it will make you feel good in any situation in an instant.
If you are not very confident about speaking, make a small contribution early in the meeting so your voice is heard. To get the best result in any situation we need to adopt a sound inner dialogue. A sound inner dialogue  in a meeting will enable you to contribute confidently and assertively. The #1 skill leaders, disrupters and demand creators need in today’s economy is communication prowess. Help yourself to our downloadable PDF's, tips and inspirations to support your most engaged communication. Because as adults we often appear to be confident or even convince ourselves we are when in fact we are just familiar with a particular situation or have experienced it before, but that is not real confidence.

I meet many people who are confident in certain situations but are totally lacking in confidence in an unfamiliar one. Sometimes our inner dialogues are positive and we look forward to things with pleasure, excitement and confidence.
SpeakWell Partners was founded to empower your presentation mastery, in an environment that is professional, confidential and expansive.
Such faulty inner dialogues stops us from communicating confidently and assertively, or may lead us to behave aggressively.

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