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Speaking of messy desks, according to a new survey the average workplace desk has 19 useless pieces of paper on it.
I read recently, that researchers in Germany found that having a messy desk can actually lead people to think clearer.
There just might be something to all of this, as famous thinker and writer Albert Einstein was notorious for having an untidy desk.
So the next time a fellow employee or maybe your boss tells you to clean up that mess on your desk. Daily-use items that you’ll likely need throughout the course of a day like pens, planner, and Post-It Notes, all deserve a spot on your desk.
When your favorite desktop background starts getting covered with icons, it’s time to clean it up! Having my office setup in a way that helps me relax, think and work has taken a while to figure out. I think that when people work at a desk in an office all day every day they become very acute to how others set up their desk and manage their workspace.

For the first 21 years of my life I can count on one hand the times I had a clean room and a clean desk for longer than a week. Nice write up Trevor Sullivan, Unfortunately i did all the mistakes around my working atmosphere. Other items, such as tape, stapler, paper clips, and envelopes, should be neatly stored inside your desk. File away documents that you’ll need again, then send everything else on your desktop to the recycle bin. Especially when those working are designers, writers and developers – who by nature of their chosen profession greatly appreciate detail and excellence. With the corner spot to hold my monitor and keyboard there is a nice empty work space on the left for me to read, write or use my PowerBook.
As convenient and comfortable it can be working at your desk, you should make the most of your time spent as a couch potato in sitting form.
Probably because my wife isn’t at my workplace on a daily basis to prevent my desk from turning into the disaster area that it is.

Now is the perfect time to start sorting that paperwork that has been piling up and get your desk drawers in tip top shape!
Second is an inbox for not-so-urgent paperwork, and the third is a temporary storage space for current design projects I’m working on.
With my old desk I had to move the keyboard and mouse over and out of the way to have space to work on anything else.
And by keeping a clean desk it’s always ready for big projects that need to be spread out. One of my favorite times to work in my office is at night with nothing but the desk lamp on.
It was easier than I thought and makes all the difference in the whole world to keeping a clean work space.

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