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Shopping carts are getting larger because testing reveals that they encourage customers to buy more. Stores often sell their deli cheeses in plainer packaging in the dairy case, for a lower price.
The privately-owned company, which began in 1916, operates 82 grocery stores in New York, Pennsylvania, Massachusetts, New Jersey, Maryland, and Virginia, and its list of accolades is long and growing: In 2014 Fortune ranked Wegmans #12 on its list of the 100 Best Companies to Work For (it's the 17th year Wegmans has made the list).
Stocking your pantry with generic is probably the easiest way to cut back on your grocery bill. Not a lot of people have cars in New York, so if you don't have a grocery store near you that you like, you have to carry your groceries on the subway.
Because you're taking the subway home with your groceries, or walking, you really can't take that much stuff home with you unless you have one of those large wire carts that always break down.
Depending on the grocery store, I always find I have to check the expiration date on food items. Stores intentionally play music with a slower beat to encourage shoppers to move more slowly through the aisles — and buy 29 percent more!
Buying items by the piece in the produce section can be cheaper per pound than buying multi-packs. Like any store, I expected prices to vary from competitors' depending on the product, so I didn't think Wegmans would be universally cheaper or more expensive than what I'd find elsewhere.
It's just that I often find the grocery is such a pain in New York compared to other cities. Trying to take two big bags of groceries home after work when the subway is busy is a nightmare for you and everyone else around you.

Lugging your bag of groceries home on the subway and finding out that pesto you bought is really expired is not fun at all. Anjali is a former private chef who is currently a full-time nutrition student, with plans to become a registered dietitian. Reader's Digest talked to supermarket employees, industry experts and grocery shopping gurus to put together an exhaustive list of the strategies supermarkets use to get shoppers to buy more, as well as some insider advice for shopping smarter. Think of it this way: Name-brand foods are subsidizing their own marketing, so you're often paying for more than what will end up on your plate.
Small things, like lugging your groceries around in the subway when it's busy, or the long wait in check-out lines, are little reminders why grocery delivery services and takeout are so successful in this city.
If you want to cut costs and get everything you need, you'll end up going to three grocery stores for a single meal. In an announcement made by the USDA in March of 2014, it was stated that the continuing drought that has been plaguing California is expected to have far reaching effects on the price and availability of many fruits and vegetables. Fortunately, there are several different ways you can cut the cost of your shopping trips, however like most worthwhile things saving money is going to take a little extra effort. Quite simply put, you can look forward to paying increasingly higher bills every time you go to checkout at your favorite grocery store.
Try shopping around instead of sticking to one store and use coupons and sales flyers whenever possible.
Finally, many stores have bargain shelves where they place fruits and vegetables that are at risk of becoming over ripe. You may come to Wegmans intending to buy ingredients to make lunch yourself, and end up leaving with a plate of food already prepared for you.

With a little extra effort and shopping around, you and your family can still enjoy plenty of fruits and vegetables this summer. We went through the list and pulled out the 15 best tips for saving money at the grocery store. My first interaction with a Wegmans employee was at the cheese counter, where an enthusiastic cheesemonger gave me a taste of Plaisir au Chablis, a lovely, flavorful Burgundy soft cheese. Take a good look in the freezer department of your favorite grocery store for low prices on big bags. As you can see, there were a few instances where Wegmans beat out Whole Foods, but a few where Whole Foods ended up the cheaper option. It was frenzied devotion — and all for a grocery store that I at the time had never even heard of! I think what you're paying for when you go to a place like Wegmans is sheer variety, quality, and customer service.
Put on your favorite workout mix instead and you'll automatically move at a brisker pace while shopping.

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