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Changing might involve changing your life totally, depending on your circumstances.  I know people who have literally change the country they live, they’ve changed their friends, they’ve changed their house, and they’ve literally changed their surroundings which show a huge commitment. You know yourself very well and you know your feelings and thoughts about the world.  Maybe you’re wrong, maybe you have a skewed perception of yourself, maybe you’re comparing yourself to people you shouldn’t be. Interesting blog, lots of helpful things on here, but I do disagree with the deciding to do something is what changes your life. It wasn’t until that moment when I decided that my life was going to change did it actually change.
I used to read so many books , I tried many times to start changing myself but , I don’t know what’s wrong with me actually !! Your relationship – you have to really look at it and find out if you really do want it or not.

Life is worth it totally and wholeheartedly, deal with the issues that plague you and go for what you want in life. This article has really helped, its made me realise i need to be me and if i want my life to change i have to make it happen, not wait around.
If your answer is still yes and you have really thought about it and are willing to sacrifice then you have decided to change. I have read every book I can get my hands on and spent years wondering why the things in the book didn’t change my life. I’m down 4 pounds, and I can literally feel my body composition changing from mushy to toned on a daily basis. Its so important to set examples of healthy living for your kids and making yourself feel better too!

I have found personal mantras help in terms of jamming it into the subconscious but who you spend time with is so crucial to your growth or not as the case maybe. You are not alone in your desire to better yourself, and you will not be alone as a participant in our challenge groups.

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