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Gracias Madre (2211 Mission St.)Mexican food can be challenging for a vegetarian, not to mention a vegan, but Gracias Madre is here to help.
Greens (Building A Fort Mason Center)For a true San Francisco institution dedicated to vegetarian cuisine, look no further than the legendary Greens, overlooking the Bay in historic Fort Mason. This farm-to-table pioneer almost singlehandedly exploded the alfalfa sprouts-and-tofu stereotype of vegetarian cooking more than 30 years ago.
Visit this veggie restaurant at O’Farrell and Leavenworth has decent prices and good food, although locals complain about the less-than-spectacular neighborhood and slow service.
The Mission restaurant offers all vegan dishes, using regional Mexican recipes and local, seasonal produce.
The vegan Japanese restaurant offers more than 40 original items—none of which feels like it would benefit from the addition of meat.
This was a new dining experience for me.My friend and I started by splitting two soups, the Vegetarian Chicken and the Vegetarian Lamb in Broth of Panax Ginseng and Wolfberry, followed by the sizzling Veggie Duck on an Iron Plate, Veggie Kidney with Basil, Taro Veggie Meat in Clay Pot, and Veggie Ham Fried Rice.
Best chinese restaurant in oakland - san francisco bay, Best chinese restaurant in oakland - help please!!! Though kind of far from everything else in town, Shangri-La is a great vegetarian restaurant with an authentic feel. They don't cook or use garlic or onions in dishes because they follow the Buddhist rules of vegetarian eating. In San Francisco you could eat at a different vegan restaurant every night for weeks before exhausting them all. Greens is not only our favourite vegetarian restaurant in San Francisco, it’s our favourite vegetarian restaurant anywhere in the world. Another special occasion place is gourmet vegan restaurant Millennium, by far the best vegan restaurant we’ve ever been to. The wilted spinach and frisee salad with smoked tofu, roasted new potatoes, spring onions, olives, almonds, and sangiovese vinaigrette was amazing—substantial and very flavourful. What did tempt us back to Mexican was Gracias Madre, an entirely vegan, organic Mexican restaurant that gave us the opportunity to try dishes we couldn’t find meat-free south of the border.
Gracias Madre is pricey for a Mexican restaurant (starters $7-9, mains $13-16) but the portions are huge. There are also plenty of cheap Indian restaurants in the Tenderloin which all have vegetarian options (we liked Lahore Karahi and heard good things about Chutney). Thai Idea is a small vegetarian Thai restaurant that is surprisingly stylish considering its location in the sketchy Tenderloin neighbourhood. At around $10 a dish it’s not the cheapest cafe type place but the quality is high and it’s cheaper than eating in a restaurant.
There are lots of Ethiopian restaurants in the Bay Area and they are all vegetarian friendly. Like most Ethiopian restaurants this informal modern cafe offers a veggie sampler—at $15 it was more than enough for the two of us. We tried three veggie burgers in San Francisco including Plant and Umami Burger, and we enjoyed them all but Roam was our favourite. Saigon Sandwiches is a tiny hole in the wall takeaway joint in the Tenderloin with a small menu of banh mi, Vietnamese sandwiches, including a tofu option. Betelnut – This Asian fusion restaurant in the Marina is based on Asian side street beer houses, or pejiu wu that serve fresh “street food”.
Split Pea Seduction – This popular takeaway lunch place downtown has a daily changing menu which always features at least one vegetarian soup, salad, sandwich and crostata (pastry).
The rest of the Bay Area is just as vegetarian friendly as San Francisco and we found some good options just a short BART ride away.
Encuentro, Oakland – A vegetarian wine bar that offers a creative selection of small plates from local, organic ingredients. Cheeseboard Pizza Collective, Berkeley – A popular, casual pizza place that offers one pizza that’s always vegetarian and changes each day. As you can see there are a huge amount of vegetarian and vegan tasty eats in San Francisco and the Bay Area. We’ve created a map marking all the vegetarian restaurants in San Francisco that we have mentioned in this post.
Bonus Tip: We used Yelp a lot in San Francisco where it seems that every restaurant and cafe is extensively reviewed by users.
With more than 41,000 Chinese restaurants in the United States, it’s not easy picking a top 50. Based on interviews with chefs and Chinese restaurant associations, surveys of local food writers and polls, and our own experience, here are the 50 best Chinese restaurants in the country, arranged by state. The Los Altos-based restaurant serves dishes covering all regions of China, but manages to cater to the American palate. Located close to the ocean, Del Mar Rendezvous sports acclaimed and extensive gluten-free, vegetarian and vegan menus.

With top-notch service and an inventive Chinese fusion menu -- the duck breast Shangri-la with teriyaki glaze is superb -- Rendezvous is a long-time favorite among locals.
A veggie restaurant with two branches in San Francisco, Enjoy has vegan food that not only looks but tastes like real meat. The main attraction at San Tung is the dry-fried chicken wings -- juicy wings lightly fried and drenched with a sweet and tangy sauce.
San Tung adopts the Shandong (the Chinese region known for its flour-based foods) style of cooking and so plays up the pot stickers and fresh noodles. Located in the San Gabriel Valley, a Chinese foodie hotspot, Sea Harbour Seafood Restaurant is a classic dim sum joint that’s always packed on weekends.
Newport Tan is one of the most acclaimed Chinese restaurants in the San Gabriel Valley, especially known for its house special lobster. Heavily promoted by restaurant personality Anthony Bourdain, R&G Lounge in San Francisco constantly rakes in rave reviews.
Once you’ve tried the spicy fried eggplant with the numbing beef roll at this Sichuan restaurant, you probably won’t have enough sensation in your tongue to go for more.
Legend is a Honolulu dim sum joint by day and seafood restaurant by night that’s very popular with the locals.
Mixed genres are normally a red flag, but this Chinese restaurant with a sushi bar delivers high quality.
Taiwan Cafe has the best soup dumplings in Boston and a wide variety of Taiwanese specialties, such as oyster pancakes and pork over rice.
A Michelin-starred restaurant inside The Wynn casino on the strip, Wing Lei’s decor offers a twist on French-influenced Shanghai. Red Orchid is an Americanized Chinese restaurant, but that doesn’t mean it’s not delicious. You know you’ve stepped into an authentic place when the menu on the restaurant whiteboard is completely in Chinese. Leave it to Texas to have a top-notch Chinese restaurant that centers around barbecue dishes. The restaurant has a vegetarian menu (rare for most authentic Asian places) and a Sichuan menu, catering to those with a spicier palate.
Judy Fu's Snappy Dragon was started up by none other than Judy Fu, an immigrant from the northern Chinese city of Tsingtao. A vegetarian cafe, Harmony is a homey Georgetown place that offers Chinese food with delicious fake meat.
It’s not every day you can dine in a restaurant visited by generals, diplomats and presidents. Kin Khao (55 Cyril Magnin St.)Thai is often a safe bet for vegetarians and vegans, and Kin Khao is a more stylish and truly authentic place to try than your usual Thai joint. Hefty portions of spicy, flavorful and inexpensive South Indian food make this Mission District staple one of the most popular vegetarian restaurants in the city. Locals like Fort Mason vegetarian restaurant, Greens, because of the brunch menu and the great view. It was opened in 1979 by the San Francisco Zen Center and has been making vegetarians (and the diners who love them) happy ever since. Best san francisco restaurants: sushi, mexican food and, From well-established local favorites to the latest hot tables, these are the san francisco restaurants you need to know about right now. Shangri-La offers very good, authentic-leaning, Chinese food while using exclusively meat-substitutes (wheat protein).
I definitely would recommend anyone looking for a good vegetarian place to check this place out!! I’ve said that previously about Chiang Mai in Thailand which certainly is an excellent budget option, but on our third visit to San Francisco in July we were reminded what a gourmet heaven it is. You can find vegetarian restaurants that specialise in Thai, Mexican, and Japanese, as well as some of the best gourmet vegetarian restaurants in the world. The salads in San Francisco are the best we’ve had in the world, and Greens is no exception—on our latest visit we started with a wilted spinach salad with creamy goats cheese, beets and walnuts, along with moist yellow finn potato griddle cakes. You don’t find this level of quality in many vegetarian restaurants around the world so we always take advantage when we can.
Their menu is not entirely vegetarian but there are plenty of vegetarian and vegan options, and everything is organic and uses fresh, local produce.
We heard the best were in Oakland but we ran out of time and went to Moya in SOMA instead, and were really happy with our first Ethiopian restaurant experience.
They only have one vegetarian burger but the Earth burger made from mushrooms and edamame and topped with truffled ricotta, cipollini onions and slow roasted tomatoes was really good.
It’s a pleasure to spend time in a city where vegetarian food is both easily found and taken to the next level, and where local, organic, sustainable and artisanal are words used to describe almost everything we ate.
Click on the blue markers for more information about the vegetarian restaurants and the red ones for the veggie-friendly places.

The app is particularly handy as you can just type “vegetarian restaurant” or “sandwich” and it’ll tell you the nearest places to you with comprehensive reviews and menus. The crab and pork dumplings with a plate of scallion pancakes could make this your new favorite Chinese place. The golden crabmeat purse appetizers, shrimp coconut soup and lemongrass sake shrimp are all noble and tasty twists on Chinese cuisine.
Asia Cafe serves remarkable Sichuan, such as spicy fish soaked in oil and pepper flakers, and the best mapo tofu in Texas. As the name suggests, the restaurant is small, cramped and doesn’t have more than a couple of tables. They’re made with a large piece of fatty pork sandwiched in a bun with salted vegetables, chopped nuts and cilantro. White tablecloths, fishnet chandeliers made from recycled paper bags, faux-lizard leather booths, and a zinc-topped bar set the tone for the city’s most elegant fine-dining vegan restaurant, located in the heart of the theater district. Owner Pim Techamuanvivit is well know for her food blog, Chez Pim, and her new restaurant features many dishes rarely found outside Thailand, in a fun atmosphere with cocktails and a wine list well-designed to pair with the bright flavors on the menu.
It is more of a vegetarian restaurant, more than a vegan one, because many menu items contain milk and dairy. But I cannot emphasize enough how vegetarians and carnivores alike should flock to this place.
If you widen the net to vegetarian-friendly restaurants it’d take you years to sample all the excellent meat-free food that the city has to offer. I wish they offered set meals like they did at vegetarian restaurants in Japan for a fully balanced shojin ryori meal. Their choice of unusual toppings sets them apart and there are plenty of vegetarian combos or you can create your own. The service was great and everything we ate was tasty and creative, not your usual Chinese.
We had a grilled aubergine and goats cheese sandwich with salsa verde, mint, and capers, and a squash bread pudding panzanella salad. If you are a vegetarian we’d definitely recommend you visit, but take a fat wallet as although you can find cheap eats some of the best places are worth the splurge. Not 100% vegetarian but the chef there Sean Baker is obsessed with veggies and veritable cookery. You need to cater to the American palate, but still be authentic enough to be considered a reputable Chinese joint. Vegetarianism is nothing new, but the meat-free trend seems to be growing every year throughout the restaurant industry. Eco-friendly and sustainability-conscious San Francisco has blazed the trail for vegetarian and vegan restaurants throughout the city.
Fortunately, this is San Francisco, a city full of places that celebrate vegetables as much as meat on the plate. I really like the interesting menu items here--seems more unique than a typical American Chinese restaurant (even beyond just being vegetarian, I mean).The people who worked here were also very sweet. We gave it our best shot but we still have many more restaurants we want to try (we’re happy for the excuse to return). Since then the chef has made countless media appearances and become a best-selling cookbook author.
As at any authentic Chinese place, adventurous eaters can ask for the Chinese menu (they’re usually differ slightly from the English menu) and get recommendations from waiters.
The food is entirely meat-free, so vegetarians can order with abandon, and vegans will also find plenty to love. Their sformato is always vegetarian and the raviolo di ricotta with an egg inside is another winner. Their Plant burger is vegetarian and very good, made from lentils, mushrooms, beets, cashews and bulgur wheat (although we prefer the one at Roam below), and they have main dishes like their good spicy red thai curry. Their chefs have produced some of the most respected vegetarian cookbooks in publication, the views are spectacular and the service is refined.
Both are great places for a vegetarian, vegan and omnivore to enjoy a good meal in harmony.
Add to that a sizeable vegetarian community and world class chefs who cook creatively without meat, and it really is a vegetarian paradise.

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