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Wrapping up this series on car-free living, I'm compelled to come back to the issue of location. As I have walked around this month to work, the grocery store, and my watering hole, I have contemplated the benefits I am experiencing from my car-free lifestyle. Also, I think it's important to note that car-free living isn't for everyone, and there are some important benefits to cars that I was never trying to overlook or belittle.Also, it hit me that not everyone has had drilled into their head an important point I learned in my city planning master's degree studies. Those 8 months were ample time to ready myself psychologically for the major adjustment of a car-free lifestyle.

You no longer lose your hard-earned dollars to oil changes, new tires, insurance, annual registration fees, car repairs, and gasoline. I thought the original article was useful precisely because of the variety of places in which I've lived car-free.
Aside from picking places with some upsides (when I had a choice), I also then picked homes within those cities that could take advantage of the options available.Part of the thing is not moving to a horribly sprawling city built around the car, and not living way out in the country. If you decide to do one of those things for various reasons, it is very hard to go car-free.

Nowadays, there are tools to help with that, like Walk Score, which rates locations based on walkability, bikeability, and transit-friendliness.Benefits of carsOf course, there are benefits to cars. Luckily, someone came along and turned me on to the car-free alternative I fell in love with, helping me to realize how possible (and enjoyable) it really is.

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