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If you're self-employed, finding a mortgage can be a bigger battle than chasing your invoices. If you are among the thousands of Americans who turned the dark cloud of the recession into the silver lining of becoming self-employed, you may feel you are now in a position to refinance your mortgage or to buy a home. IncomeMany self-employed individuals reduce their income for tax purposes by deducting business expenses. Change can make employees uncomfortable, but these keys can help ease the transition and increase morale. When applying for a self employed home loan your taxable income isn’t the same as the actual income that can be used to assess your capacity to meet your commitments, including the repayments for any new loans, therefore some lenders add back any expenses incurred that reduced your taxable income.
Self-employment can allow older workers to stay in the labor market longer and earn additional income, yet little research has addressed if reasons for self-employment vary across gender and culture. BY NELLIE AKALP   When you’re self-employed, it’s easy to think that your schedule is 100% your own, and that you can pick and choose exactly how you want to spend your time. By KRISTEN FISCHER When I began my career as a freelance writer about eight years ago, one of the biggest obstacles I faced was figuring out how to become a solopreneur and still have good healthcare… or healthcare at all. It’s not just self-employed Brits who get caught out - anyone could get turned down if they have a gambling account or just seem to take too much money out in one night.

Be aware that your income for a mortgage loan will be the income stated on your tax returns.
We’ve got tips on how to improve your chances of applying for a self-employed mortgage here. But because self-employed Brits have a less predictable monthly income, you can bet the mortgage underwriter is going to get their magnifying glass out.
If you're new to self-employment, you will need to wait until you have two years of tax returns filed before you can be approved for a new mortgage in order to include your self-employment income in your loan application.Good CreditAll borrowers today need good credit, with a score of 620, 640 or above for a Federal Housing Administration (FHA) loan and a score of 740 or higher to be offered the best mortgage rates for a conventional loan. So if your income is too low, you may qualify for a smaller mortgage amount than you thought.
Not only are you inviting a visit from the taxman, you’re making yourself look very unattractive to a mortgage lender. You can check how healthy your bank statements look by speaking to a mortgage broker months in advance. Some lenders consider self-employment income as a higher risk than regular paychecks, so a higher credit score can offset your potential risk factors and give a lender greater confidence when qualifying you for a loan.
Many firms will meet you at least once for free - find out how advisers charge for their services here.

You can use a mortgage calculator to estimate your housing costs along with your other debt. But even so, some mortgage lenders will consider the spend as part of your overall credit card spending. To make it simpler for your accountant and mortgage lender alike, make sure you have a business and a personal bank account.
If you're buying a home, a bigger down payment can make it easier to qualify for a mortgage since the loan amount will be smaller.ReservesThe rules about how much you need to have in cash reserves varies from one lender to another and for different mortgage products, but you should have at least two months or more of housing payments (principal, interest, taxes and insurance) in the bank to protect yourself in an emergency. The predominantly Kurdish regions of northern Syria and Iraq have become bastions against the Islamic State, with the help of U.S.

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