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Think of your goals often and keep them in mind when making decisions in your life, even those that don't seem directly related to your goal.
Whether or not you achieve your goals is often largely up to what you do to make them happen. For example, making a decision about whether to move in with your girlfriend may not seem directly relevant to your goal to finish college, but if she is not very supportive of this goal, moving in with her could make it more difficult for you to do so. You are much more likely to be successful in your goals if you have developed a skill set that will help you to achieve them, and if you have confidence in your ability to use those skills to achieve that goal.

So, for example, if you have a relationship goal of reducing the amount of conflict and anger in your romantic relationship, it would be very helpful to learn some basic skills of effective communication. When you have goals that are personally-driven, as opposed to motivated by some external factor (like what others may think of you), you are more likely to persevere when faced with challenges and to accomplish that goal.
For example, if you reach out to your parents for support while obtaining the goal of getting a college degree.
That said, having people around us who are not supportive of our goals, or who, even worse, actively demean them or discourage us from pursuing them can be really harmful to our success.

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