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The June school holidays are coming up and you’re wondering what activities you can do with your kids to occupy their time. There are many other inexpensive activities to do with your children indoors to keep them fit while entertaining them. These self improvement activities will help you become more productive, get into the positive state of mind and achieve better quality of life. If you want to succeed in life, you should not waste your energy on activities that do not bring any benefits. Such useless activities include surfing the Internet without any purpose, watching TV, worrying and wasting money.

When you are involved in such activities, you have no or little energy left for activities that can create a better future.
If you waste your energy on several things at the same time, you will get average results because you will divide your energy between the activities. Although this self improvement activity may seem strange to you, it is a very important activity that many ignore.
Vinh also underscored the need to renew the union’s activities, intensify revolutionary ideology and virtuous lifestyle education, and launch movements encouraging young people to practice self-improvement and contribute more to the nation. It is always easy to hand over your iPad to your little one for self-entertainment, but remember that it is also important to spend time bonding as a family.

Only through trial and error you realise who you really are, which activities you like and what preferences you have.

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