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If you have a busy morning with just no time to stop and eat a bowl of cereal then you should make one of these healthy breakfast smoothies instead. If your kids (or your husband) are put off by green smoothies because they’re, well green, you need to try this recipeNo one will ever know that this pink smoothie is really a green smoothie in disguise! This vegan friendly coconut milk smoothie has a helpful dash of protein too, so it is the perfect choice for breakfast.
Smoothies are great for all members of the family, what better way to get your toddler to eat their greens than by mixing up this tasty smoothie. Adding a scoop of protein powder (like Young Living’s Balance Complete) is a great way to turn a smoothie into a meal replacement smoothie.
If you’ve eaten a few too many cookies then this smoothie is the perfect remedy, it includes turmeric which is great for relieving stomach bloat caused by too much sugar!
If you love the smell of cinnamon, ginger and nutmeg, and the memories they conjure in your mind then check out this smoothieAnd it tastes far too good to just drink it in the Fall! If you loved these Healthy Breakfast Smoothie recipes, why not check out our collection of Easy Smoothie Recipes for Kids or our egg breakfast ideas!

By The 36th Avenue · Add Comment Today I am sharing 10 Delicious  Fruit Smoothie Recipes.
Everyone says breakfast is the one meal you should never skip–and yet so many people still do.
Just prepare your ingredients the night before (or you could prepare the smoothie ingredients you would need for the entire week during the weekend) and stuff them in a Ziploc bag, then throw them in the freezer. On busy mornings, no one wants to worry about pleasing picky eaters; and that’s why this stepped-up version of the classic breakfast sandwich is a great pick. Breakfast pastries have been a long-time favorite of the under-five-feet-tall crowd, but unfortunately, the store-bought varieties are so full of sugar, they’re usually more dessert than breakfast. A good meal doesn't need to be pretty to taste good and this big breakfast "mess" certainly won't be winning any beauty contests. Keep your kids healthy and help protect them from classroom germs by giving their immune systems a much-needed morning boost with a vitamin C-charged smoothie. Give your kids the brainpower they need for a long day at school with this powerful (and totally yummy) smoothie.

Let’s face it — traditional blueberry muffins (although delicious) might not be the healthiest way for your kids to start their day.
With sharp cheddar, velvety eggs, and tangy cream cheese atop a warm chewy bagel, it’s a tried-and-true breakfast that is sure to be a hit. Fresh strawberries, bananas, and low-fat granola team up with the traditional PB & J ingredients for a healthy hand-held breakfast that kids will love. By making them ahead of time and freezing them, you’ve got a great hearty breakfast that’s ready to eat in20 seconds flat.
They’re low(er) in sugar and give your kids a healthy boost of protein, fiber, and whole grain goodness. With the maple syrup baked right in, they make a great grab-and-go breakfast perfect for munching en route to school (so long as you're not afraid of a few crumbs in the backseat).

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