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Dying Light revolves around the player travelling across vast urban environments devastated by the zombie outbreak searching for supplies and utilising this to craft weapons; however, at night-time the monsters come out to play, and survivors will need to use all they have, including their wits, to persist.
Exor Studios has revealed that free DLC in the form of a new Survival game mode is on the way for its action driving title Zombie Driver. Players’ skills will be tested against waves of zombies on a new set of arenas created for the new gameplay.
A demo for the title that includes the first three levels of story mode was recently released on Steam.
The extremely impressive visuals depicted in the images below come from Techland’s proprietary Chrome Engine 6.

So if you don’t want to undergo this process or you want to play them immediately, search for free online games to play.
The new mode will bring with it specific Steam online leaderboards and new achievements. No release date has been mentioned as of yet but the developer promises more details soon. If they do, make sure to install the application so you can play the games without any problem. If you’re one of the players with the highest scores, your name will be added on the list of high scorers. You can even play zombie games online with other players from different locations and compete for the high score.

The zombies will be stronger on the next levels so you need to select the best weapons and become more alert in killing your enemies. If you don’t want the hassle of having to download and install zombie games on your computer, free online zombie survival games are available all over the web.
However, some of them have one level and that the game will only end when your character dies.

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