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In Class3, humanity has been wiped out, and the last few survivors of the zombie apocalypse need to band together to survive.
What’s being described is slightly different than what I envisioned when Undead Labs formed back in 2009. I've been waiting for an open-world zombie game but I'm afraid an arcade title won't do the setting justice.
What ever happened to Dead Island - that sweet looking FPS open-world zombie survival game?
I think a sandbox style open world game where there's scavenging and organic base building would be amazing. I agree with the Comments above, I was hoping for a fps style sandbox game thats inspired by the walking dead.

One of the biggest comics surprises of 2016 was the news that musician Gerard Way would be spearheading an imprint of new titles for DC Comics called Young Animal. Has any movie portrayed a zombie apocalypse in which the inhabitants of said world know anything about zombies? David Wong promises that as long as you’re a non-Carl, you have some post-apocalyptic skill to offer.
At this point in the show, we’re about 18 months into the apocalypse (though there seems to be some confusion about that even among the writers) and even now, when somebody needs food or medicine or diapers, they have to go scrounging through nearby buildings to find it. If the zombies came to your city tomorrow, somewhere out there will be a dude who owns a pharmacy, or just works at one.
A game with zombies in it could just-as-well be a game with feral kittens in it, or a game with really slow-moving Nazis.

The player takes control of one of these survivors and guides the rest in figuring out where to set up their settlement, when and where to raid for supplies, and how to fortify their encampment.
I've been waiting for this type of game for ages, and I'm amazed that a major studio hasn't had a crack at it. People going crazy and murdering ANYONE because they might be infected, dumb ass college kids that think Left 4 Dead equipped them with zombie survival and getting killed. But when he sees shit is about to go down, he will take the opportunity to stash as much of his stock as he can in a secure location and wait.

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