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I would argue that the crossbow is not an OPTIONAL accessory, that is a MUST HAVE accessory. Thanks to OU, who is busy building a network of ziplines in the woods for getting around silently after the zombie apocalypse has started.
A two stroke can be converted to ethanol without too much trouble if you know what you are doing. While I suppose the option of using it as a motorized bike is nice, the sound from a 2-stroke engine will ensure every zombie in a 2 mile radius now knows your location. If you’re not familiar with Motoped, it’s a downhill mountain bike that’s mounted on a custom frame and powered by a 49cc four-stroke pit bike engine.  It’s shipped in the form of a DIY motorized bicycle kit that was successfully crowdfunded on Kickstarter last year.
Since it comes with an off-the-shelf mountain bike pedal and gearing system, you can turn off the motor and stay mobile without making any sound.  Perfect for creeping on animals during hunts and avoiding the attention of whatever predatory creatures lurk in the woods. A DIY kit for the Motoped Survival Bike (sans engine) will be launching soon.  Price starts at $1,999. Most survival packs include plenty of stuff to help you ride out the worst of times — except for transportation.

Calling it a motorcycle is a little disingenuous, since it's really a roadster — but with only three wheels, the Polaris Slingshot Motorcycle is actually a bit of both. Building on the success of their racing-focused Atom, the chaps at Ariel have turned their attention to the two-wheel market.
Even if you find a large container or the world reserve of gasoline it will not last 1 year.
Powered by a 2.4L engine, this two-seat open-air vehicle sits just inches off the ground, with a 5-speed manual transmission and lightweight polymer body panels to create an exhilarating motoring experience.
Powered by a 4-stroke engine, the bike gets excellent gas mileage, and uses downhill mountain bike parts mounted to a custom frame and swing arm for rugged reliability.
Sporting a skeletal frame that recalls the Atom but is machined entirely from an aluminum alloy billet, this sporty bike is powered by a 1237cc, water-cooled Honda engine good for over 170hp, a top speed of 165mph and a 0-60 time of just 3.4 seconds.
Precision will suffer once ground stations go dead, but you'll be able to get a general location for well over a decade.
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Beyond the specs, though, the Ace is incredibly customizable, sporting your choice of seats, handlebars, exhausts, brakes, tank sizes and styles, and front ends, with the promise that your entire cycle will be built by a single technician who signs his work when he's done. The battery will last 2 years and all the batteries in the world will start to lose its juice or they will turn useless. As for batteries, you are right, LiPo has limited shelf life, but you can replace it with something clunkier later. FoundersCard is a community of more than 20,000 movers, shakers, innovators, and entrepreneurs. Good luck with GPS working without people on earth giving it manteinance to the satellites.
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