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NEW YORK- What appeared to be a harmless meteorite crashing in the Nevada desert has turned out to be Darc Seed, an evil alien creature with horrible powers. Mayor Heminhaw immediately called an emergency press conference where he read the following prepared statement.
Zombie Nation's graphics are so devastatingly realistic you'll almost be tempted not to demolish them (yeah right!). In Zombie Nation a vile space being called Dare Seed turns America into a nation of zombies, and that's the most normal thing about this outrageous shoot-em-up from Melcad. Stage 2's lightning bolts hurt, but don't get caught in the clouds during an electrical storm either. The game is thought to be quite weird, because the main playing character appears to a giant floating head of a zombie, shooting eyeballs and vomiting as a weapon. The homeless population, race and sexuality issues, political figures, current news and media, economic recession, retirement homes, non-profit organizations, tourism, news developments, etc. Share on Facebook Share on Twitter Reddit SubscribeJoin our listSubscribe to our mailing list and get interesting stuff and updates to your email inbox. By shooting strange magnetic rays, Darc Seed has turned the helpless nation into zombie slaves and has brought the Statue of Liberty to life to do his dirty work.
The object of the game is to wreak total destruction on everything you see by firing powerful projectiles (it's a dark and dirty job, but somebody's got to do it).
And the relentlessly pounding sound effects will make you feel like you're right in the middle of the action hammering away at skyscrapers, mountains, and everything else that crosses your path..

The screens are overrun with zombie things including helicopters, jets, robots, water snakes, lava monsters, and teeny tiny people (sometimes riding teeny tiny horses). Cram into either the upper right comer or the lower right comer of the screen to suffer the least damage.
Actually, the meaning of his name, which is just a Japanese word, is something like "sliced off heads".
He has to destroy or manage to avoid a range of different enemies like deadly zeppelins, or zombie snipers or lava monsters.
Pete that has been created after a suffessful zombie anthology was released earlier this year.
Sicken tired of the Bronx added, "As if we didn't have enough stinking' garbage on the streets already. Meanwhile, you need to rescue as many zombie hostages as you can in order to gain enough strength for the ultimate showdown with Dare Seed (he's toast!).
See New York City, the Grand Canyon, the Texas Oil Fields, and the Underground Caverns of the North Central U.S. The four extra large bosses include a gigantic Statue of Liberty, an axe-juggling giant, and awful Venusian Snakes. With a zombie anthology being what has become so popular they are of course following up what they have succeeded in by bringing us more zombie novels. From True Blood’s Promo Posters (39)I brought down the sky for you but all you did was shrug.

And if that wasn't bad enough, it seems the only way to defeat this ruffian is by totally destroying every in sight. This zombie samurai, who has just reduced to a giant hovering head, has a mission to save the United States of America from an alien attack that turned people of US into zombies. It's enough to make me want to move to freakin' Los Angeles with all the other fruits and nuts! The content of each of these novels will be based around specific locations and I for one welcome when they are taking submissions for Chicago. The two have taken the energy and excitement of the original build and spliced in a drop that will make the track reign over main stages once again.
I admittedly hold Anjunabeats on a pedestal but love everything from melodic trance to the grimiest riddim. Add me on Facebook and message me for any questions, comments or if you just want to talk music.

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