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October 31, 2015 by Kara Leave a Comment Pin32 Share4 +1 Tweet Share Stumble Yum EmailShares 36It is Halloween and soon children everywhere will dress up and head outside in hopes of getting treats and not tricks. I recently had the chance to interview Rachel Buchholz, editor of  National Geographic Kids Magazine and author of How To Survive Anything and we discussed How to Survive a Zombie Apocalypse, because you just never know when one with start, especially around Halloween time. My boys, as well as the children of other National Geographic Kids Insiders,  were able to submit questions that they had about surviving a zombie apocalypse and below is everything you need to know. Zombies are attracted to strong human smells, so during a zombie apocalypse,  make sure to wash daily and don’t let your natural scent get too strong. Choose a pop-top off of a soda can because it can be used as a fish-hook, weapon, flint for fire and a reflector to signal help.
As you head out for Halloween, be on the watch for Zombies and remember these tips for how to survive a Zombie Apocalypse!
Also, and you may not be expecting this one, you better get yourself something to believe in or at least to think about during those long, dark nights of the soul.
Sooner or later, you will need something to remind you that you are still human and to give you a reason to keep surviving.

If there’s a Zombie Pride parade going by on the street outside your house, you have paid your last electric bill. If you're ready to get off your complacent backside and prepare for what's coming, I'll show you how to get started with an EDC (every day carry) survival kit and move through threat assessment, defensive strategies, basic weapons selection, and planning your long-term cache of supplies. Not just about field stripping an AK-47, but about what makes people tick, because once the apocalypse is upon us, Google will not save your butt. Take some training courses ASAP — first aid, CPR, basic weapons, wilderness survival – or start working your way through the recommended reading list at the back. Maybe you haven’t willingly walked into one since study hall, but libraries are good things. Global warming, threatened pandemics, contaminated water table, a rising culture of violence. If you're hunkered down clutching a filthy copy of this book in a ruined store, get the hell out of there! People have been teaching other people how to do stuff in print for generations and there are a lot of good stories out there.

Am I going to go so far as to start training with pistols, stockpiling secret caches of water and MRE’s all over the place?
My titles are available on Amazon (and various other book retailers) with many more to come! When the dead are roaming the streets, you'll have one major advantage they won't -- you'll still be able to think. Am I going to make sure I have a basic water purification method and other basic supplies with me all the time? Many of my titles are also available for Kindle on Amazon and as digital eBooks from various online retailers. I don’t expect a zombie apocalypse, or even any specific disaster, but even without that making some general emergency preparations seems at least somewhat prudent.

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