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Stress, kids, evening workouts, too much wine or coffee –any of a number of things can prevent you from having a deep, restorative sleep.
Wellness: Research suggests that maintaining good sleep quality helps protect you from age-associated cognitive decline and chronic disease.
Some sleep-enhancing products, such as melatonin, only reduce the amount of time that it takes you to fall asleep.
Licensed formula: ZMA 2000 contains the same licensed, patent-protected formula tested in clinical studies. ZMA 2000 may be especially beneficial for hard-training athletes and individuals with hectic lifestyles. Ironclad Guarantee: Maximizing recovery, healing, tissue repair, anabolic hormone production and muscle growth, they are all part of the "recover as you sleep" gospel of ZMA. Cerebral Kungfu says: "I've been taking ZMA 2000 for about 4 years and it has become my most valuable supplement.

Get the approval of your medical doctor before using if you have a medical condition or a medical history, if you are unaware of your current health status, or if you are pregnant, nursing or trying to become pregnant. Every person I've recommended this supplement to has reported dramatic improvements in REM sleep as well as better sleep patterns overall. Pour une meilleure assimilation, pensez a avaler vos gelules avec une boisson juste avant d’aller vous coucher. These products do not require a prescription or doctor approval as these products are herbal and do not contain prescription ingredients. This natural, clinically based formula helps you get the kind of sleep from which you wake up feeling recovered and ready to go. I always stick to the licensed ZMA formula because the research shows it is the most effective dose and form.
Par contre, nous vous conseillons d’eviter de les prendre pendant le repas : l’assimilation serait moins bonne.

I've taken similar, non-licensed formulations of zinc and magnesium and they simply don't have the same effect. Not all people will obtain the same results and these supplements are intended to be used in conjunction with a healthy diet and regular exercise.
Consult your physician before starting any diet, exercise program or taking any products for health issues.
I think ZMA 2000 is the most affordable supplement in my regimen and by far the most consistently effective.
Over the years I've recommended it to dozens of men and women friends - triathletes, bodybuilders, mixed martial artists, runners and they have been very vocal in their appreciation and thanks.

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