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Located on top of some rocks overlooking the river, the area contains the remains of Randall Clark, known as the "Father" to the Sorrows, and his pack containing miscellaneous loot, along with the Survivalist's rifle and the Year: 2124 holotape. The rifle can be retrieved by continuously going around the rock formation and eventually reaching it. White Legs can sometimes retrieve the Survivalist's rifle before the player character does, and use it against them. Definitely keeping track of these challenges, this looks like it'll be a great way to get on a good track.

A way up can also be found to the north west of the Red Gate; red dirt goes halfway up, and a steep rock slope is barely climbable the rest of the way. Clark's remains can be found against a rock formation facing west-northwest (his gaze looks directly at Bighorn Bluff if viewed on the Pip-Boy's world map), obscured behind three evergreen trees. I'm also peeking at Convict Conditioning for this challenge, since I'm switching from barbells to body weight. The Martial Artist's Book of Yoga sounds great, too, haven't heard of that one before.A If you're not already, I bet you that you'll be very good at putting on makeup by the end of this challenge, as well.

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