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We can show you more items that are exactly like the original item, or we can show you items that are similar in spirit. D? h? tr? khach hang mua s?m m?t cach tho?i mai va ti?n l?i nh?t, eBay.vn ap d?ng chinh sach mi?n phi v?n chuy?n tren toan qu?c cho m?i don hang. N?u quy khach hang th?y thung hang co d?u hi?u hu h?i, s?n ph?m b? v? ho?c khong d? s? lu?ng, vui long l?p bien b?n v?i nhan vien giao hang va khong ky nh?n hang.
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KHUY?N CAO: quy khach hang ph?i ki?m tra tinh tr?ng ben ngoai c?a thung hang va s?n ph?m ben trong tru?c khi ky vao bien b?n nh?n hang c?a don v? v?n chuy?n d? d?m b?o r?ng hang hoa du?c giao con nguyen v?n, dung ch?ng lo?i, s? lu?ng, mau s?c theo don d?t hang. Quy khach hang c?n d?c ro nh?ng di?u kho?n du?c quy d?nh t?i chinh sach nay d? tranh nh?ng v?n d? phi?n ph?c ngoai y mu?n. Uy tin ngu?i ban du?c eBay.vn danh gia thong qua cong b? c?a eBay qu?c t? va qua lu?ng ph?n h?i t?t t? ngu?i mua.

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