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As usual, Aruna lends her beautiful voice to what starts off as a melodic, yet slightly somber track.
I have a real passion for the EDM scene; I love watching it grow and seeing the times change!
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Even when he’s on an absolutely massive bus tour with Figure and Excision, Bear Grillz still manages to find time to bang out his newest EP, Mo Honey Mo Problems. The full Mo Money Mo Problems EP is out April 22 on Firepower Records, but you can pre-order it here!

We’ve got an immersive and sublime remix today as an exclusive premiere, and it comes courtesy of fledgling electronic producer Rari. The young Dutch superstar Martin Garrix receives mixed reviews within the Electronic Dance Music scene.
Enhanced Recordings‘ most recognizable voice has collaborated with Husman to bring you a brand new track. With heavily rhythmical riff sequences, hints to old school dance anthems and those powerfully catchy vocals still included, this one goes off.
It’s definitely a refreshing change of pace that sort of harkens back to some great dubstep tunes in the 2012-2013 era.

The first step any music producer needs to realize is that a career in music starts with the music you create.
Listen to the radio edit below, and be sure to get your copy from Enhanced Recordings on February 16. You’re not going to headline Coachella on both weekends with nothing tangible to show for.

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