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It took me a while to wrap my head around the fact that I went from a size 10 to a size 8 without losing one pound.
I’ve been at 142 pounds for the past 3 months, fluctuating between 1 or 2 pounds at times. In the past month I’ve done a little clothes shopping because I have hardly any summer clothes and my guess is that winter in the Midwest will end someday so I should probably have some clothes that fit.
Just yesterday I noticed that I now own 6 pairs of pants in a size 8 from different brands.
By doing something incredibly awesome for my body and mind, the consequence were losing fat, gaining muscle, tightening up my jiggly parts and losing a pant size unintentionally. Those are consequences I can live with.
This entry was posted in Fitness, Weight Loss and tagged 100 pound, after, before, exercise, fitness, Healthy, how to lose weight, journey, meditation, namaste, size 10, size 18, size 8, strength, success story, weight loss, Yoga on March 20, 2014 by Bunny. HOT YOGA:  When the hubby and I decided to get healthy for each other, we knew exercise would need to be a part of our lives. PORTION CONTROL:  After meeting with a nutritionist and re-learning about food, she helped me see food in a whole new way. Another reason this is bad was because I was taking down chunks of food at a time, my digestive system had to work extra hard to break down that food and get the nutrition from it if there was any. In taking smaller bites and really chewing my food, it made me eat slower and savor my food. BYE-BYE BAD CARBS:  I still eat carbs, just heavily limit the bad ones like white bread, pasta, rice, white sugar, white flour, rice, potatoes, etc.
I rarely eat bread but if i do it’s a small piece of sour dough or pumpernickel and usually has 4 or 5 ingredients or I make my own.
While I was in the hospital for hernia surgery I was supposed to drink water but just couldn’t get it down so the doctor suggested warm tea.
This entry was posted in Weight Loss and tagged 100 pound loss, exercise, Food, GMO, Health, Healthy, Nutrition, organic, protein, success, success story, weight loss, Yoga on March 12, 2014 by Bunny. To regain and improve on muscle mass, strength and balance after having developed an inflammatory disorder in May of 2014 known as Polymyaglia. I needed to get back into a scheduled fitness routine after retiring from my job last year after 13 years as a fitness instructor due to my Polymyalgia.
Due to Polymyaglia, gaining healthy weight, muscle mass and especially upper body strength were what I needed back for health and daily life activities. At age 68 I have the strength to do the best ball plank pushups I’ve done in many, many years and I’m ready to do her upcoming Jingle Bell Boot Camp this month.

With Jackie’s advice and encouragement I have lost over 150 pounds in approximately one year!
As a former Cubs pitcher, I know trainer expertise, and Jackie’s methods have kept me fit! Jackie’s knowledgeable training any age including children for physical fitness and yoga! Jackie’s personalized program motivated me to work out at home–the pounds melted off!
Jackie has recently been awarded a physical therapist designation as a Certified Senior Strength Trainer. But my body seems to have settled at 142 which is exactly 100 pounds less than when I started my weight loss journey. To my surprise, I bought one pair of size 8 pants a while back but I attributed that to the particular brand. I wasn’t intentionally trying to lose more weight or even trying to get into a smaller size. In the past I was going at least twice a week but in the past few weeks I have stepped it up to 3 or 4 classes a week. I never feel ashamed or regret working out and when I see the scale going down, I never feel defeated or discouraged.
Who knew that unhealthy relationship would affect almost every relationship I had during that time. I used to eat until I was stuffed, took huge bites, didn’t always chew my food and down went huge chunks of unchewed food. I would be full LONG before I stopped eating but because I was eating so fast, my stomach didn’t have time to tell my brain.
I am not gluten-sensitive that I know of but have noticed a big difference in how I feel when I eat gluten-free foods. I use zucchini or spaghetti squash for pasta, quinoa in place of pasta, rice, meat, potatoes and oats.
I just make much better choices now to satisfy my craving and I don’t take down the whole box of cookies. It was like the skies opened up, the light bulb went on and I realized what the problem was all along. Fortunately I found Jackie and her Total Body Fitness program. With my own instructor background, I knew right away Jackie was the person who could help me reach my goals.

But I needed a scientific plan to gain back what I’d lost in muscle, and we all can benefit from an expert with form and function.
I highly recommend training with Jackie as a gift to any aging parent for the holidays. I could not be happier, or feel better.
This certification for Physical Therapists uniquely qualifies her to train those over 50 with age-related conditions and those returning to fitness from injury. Foods with laboratory created ingredients, preservatives, dyes and chemicals have no place in my body. In doing so, my body doesn’t require a truck load of food to get the same nutritional benefit as a cup of organic food provides.
Then by the time I swallowed, the digestive juices in my gut were able to easily absorb the nutrition from the food and not putting undue stress on my digestive system. Jackie’s level of knowledge, expertise and philosophies helped me regain what I had lost, but more importantly, she led me back to a life of being my best physically and mentally. These include: osteoporosis, arthritis, obesity, cardiovascular disease, depression, back pain and auditory or visual concerns.
I learned that food is fuel and energy and good food is necessary for my body to be at it’s optimal health and happiness. I can’t even count the times I had to loosen my pants or went into a food coma from eating so much. It also keeps my metabolism constantly running which in turn helped the pounds to come off even without exercise. My health is a blessing, but staying strong is up to us. I am so grateful to have Jackie’s continuing encouragement and skill. The big food companies are afraid they will lose billions if we are informed of the cancer causing, nutritionally void foods they are putting on the grocery shelves.
I started researching the benefits and found that it was a great way to build strength and lose weight so off I went to my first class.
It makes me feel like a warrior when I’m all done soaked with sweat on every single part of my body. I still do other forms of exercise like biking, light weight training, a P90 video here and there, some wi-fit and hiking when the weather permits.

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