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Our training courses are categorized into eight broad modules which are key to the efficient performance of your workforce and the success of your organization.
Most business professionals have little or no experience or training when it comes to writing. Good writing and communication skills may require a talent that few of us have, but effective writing and communication is a skill that can be mastered with training or short course. When deciding to hire graduates, employers are most often looking for those individuals who are able to work in a team, confident in their decision making, and have the ability to solve problems. No matter what you study or major in at college, it is imperative that graduates possess the skills listed above.
At big corporate functions people often will all be dressed in the same colours – neutral colours such as beige, grey etc.
People each have their own Persona’s which you are born with and this is otherwise known as your Unique Brand Style. Another way to stand out is to support a cause whether you become a mentor or just support others in your community or business and try to be that person people can count on. We spend more than 80% of our time at work, and we are aware that communication is always a challenge, but is this a microcosm of the rest of our lives? Keep working to establish and maintain trusting, honest and open communication in all aspects of your lives.
Over the years we have used email as part of our day and lives, how many of us stop to check ourselves and see if we using it the best way we can.
Email Tone – When you reply to a mail from a potential Employer, reply conservatively. Email Length – This mails purpose is to get them to read your CV, so treat it as a cover letter.

WritingThese articles and talks deal with photography, creativity, interviews, notes from a Tibetan monastery, a bit of memoir, and an article about a workshop.
Interpersonal Communication essaysPeople need to communicate with each other and they communicate with lots of people in a day period The relationships  .
Communication, define interpersonal communication, and identify principles and skills of effec- that writing would be a major part of my life today. Tips on Writing Interpersonal Communication Papers Almost all of us engage in How to Write a Hypothesis to an Analytical Essay · demandmedia com. Each of these broad modules can be delivered either as a package or the individual subject areas delivered separately. In any business today, good writing and communication skills are required in a myriad of ways, including email, advertising copy, and presentations. Whether you are finance guru, web developer who dreams in code, a secretary, or front desk receptionist, good writing and communication skills is required for the success of the business. Those with business degrees probably did a bit of writing in school, however writing is rarely stressed in business programs. If your business writing isn’t up to snuff, follow the tips above and see if you can’t improve it. Graduates also need to be able to communicate with fellow team members as well as customers. These skills must be conveyed in your cover letter, resume and job interview.  Today, employers are looking for those individuals who possess universal skills across different academic disciplines and in positions or job role when working with other team members. People will always be attracted to those who speak with their body language and give off a look that they are having fun as well entertaining for everyone around them. You can decide if you’re the person who loves wearing bright colours that attract attention or you love the casual be easy look.

Your positive attitude creates a positive energy that attracts people to you so be humorous and show that you are interested in others and what they have to say.
Become a volunteer or do something else that gives back to the community and supports social responsibility. It is amazing to find that in this day and age, how many individuals and companies have still not realized how important their email communications really is. A deficiency in writing and communication skills can hold you back and even damage your career ambitions. To be a good communicator your need to use simple, clear, precise language and follow a few basic rules. It is important for graduates to possess technical skills that are related to their jobs descriptions. In order to land that dream job, graduates need to be able to communicate in a clear and precise way that they have these skills. You will always be drawn to these people who will have a crowd around them instead of those standing two feet apart from each other with their eyes wondering everywhere else in the room. Commit to all of these and you will soon see that you are no longer just a part of the crowd.
In todays world, everyone gets huge amounts of mails daily, you have to differentiate yourself. Remember people hire people and 80% of a decision is if you are a culture fit, so how you engage on this platform is critical.

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