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The story of a three year homesteading & market gardening adventure in Maple Ridge, BC. This entry was posted in Uncategorized and tagged compost, manure, permaculture, rabbit hutch on 2 April, 2011 by Jocelyn Durston.
As mentioned numerous time on this blog already, we’re trying to grow our own food in a way that works with nature and not against it.
The garden shown in the photo began as a soggy, wet, shaded patch of earth when we first built the composting system. This entry was posted in Uncategorized and tagged barn, composting system, farm photos, Northwest Permaculture Convergence, rabbit hutch on 18 November, 2011 by Jocelyn Durston. You may ask why use rabbit manure compost?? Technically rabbit manure does not need to be composted. This entry was posted in Composting and tagged rabbit manure compost on January 18, 2015 by sandieanne. Matt and Chris built a roof over the compost so we were able to slide our rabbit hutch right in above the bins, ensuring protection against the elements for the rabbits.

In the rich soil teem the unseen wonders that bring the dead back to life, the decomposers who work their magic on wood and leaf, on bone and chitin. The Farm for Life Project was a three year project undertaken by four friends in Maple Ridge, B.C. It includes our three-tiered composting system for our food scraps and natural compostable materials found on the farm. Above ground are the plants, green marvels that capture the sunlight and build sugar and sap, the flowers, fruits, and seeds that feed us all.
Above the composting system we house rabbits who provide meat to the meat eaters on the farm and whose manure falls through the bottom of their cages, enhancing our compost.
And now we bring in the animals that flit and buzz, scamper and scratch, nibble and manure. I wanted to share with you how much activity was going on in the compost pile with pictures. 2013, we transformed 2.5 acres into a flourishing, environmentally sensitive, small working farm, garden, and educational site.

They are nature’s mechanics, accelerating growth here with seed disperal and fertilizer, retarding it there with a vigorous browse and trample.
They haul nutrients and seeds great distances, from a lush nook to a dry care patch used for a dust bath, inoculating the barren soil. They process seedheads through their bodies and hoovers, mash seed into the soil, trim branches, thin the hordes of bugs. Without animals, our labour is doubled and redoubled, and we must pollinate, spray, dig, cart and spread fertilizer and fill the thousand others tasks easily and cherrfully done by our marvelous cousins. Without animals, nature just limps along, and in a garden lacking animals we must supply the crutches.

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