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Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. Now that Laura and I have had our worms in residence for many months, we’ve fallen into a comfortable routine of saving used paper towels and napkins, vegetable scraps and coffee grounds. Third, we started keeping our fruit scraps in the fridge to kill fruit fly larvae and prevent adult flies from reaching it. However, increasingly large populations of mites usually mean the bin is too wet and is receiving too much food.
These mites aren’t necessarily a bad thing, but if they are present in massive numbers this could be indicative of a more serious problem (overfeeding, excess moisture etc). My concern is when I was putting my bin together I needed extra soil for my bedding and my son brought me some. Make sure you sign up for the RWC newsletter so I can give you a lecture about worm bin critters NOT killing off worms! After harvesting worm castings and worm tea a couple times, we felt our project had been quite a success.
Neither one of us realized just what is lurking in our banana peels and orange rinds until we started keeping them for the worms. We started cleaning out scrap bin frequently, and we became much more vigilant about wiping down counters and washing dishes.
For a while, we would leave a bowl of vinegar and rotting fruit in our oven all day, then close the oven and preheat it when we came home. Since we obviously can’t fit our scraps bin in our fridge, I use a plastic strawberry container (or two, when we have a lot of scraps).

We’re not sure if anything is wrong, or if we just need more worms since we put them in a larger bin. Blue Worms are tropical and perish when temps get cold, so if there ends up being a lot of them in a particular batch of worms you can end up with a much smaller population than you started with when the mercury starts to dip! What you should be focusing on is the cause of the worm death (I can assure you it’s not the mites). They tend to concentrate near the edges and surfaces of the worm beds and around clusters of feed. Once she reduced the moisture and adjusted the pH, the mites dramatically decreased in number.
We have a miniature trash can in the kitchen that holds food scraps until we have enough to feed the worms. In addition to neutralizing the bugs, keeping scraps in the fridge before placing them in the worm bin gives the worms time to process the previous batch of scraps. So we will be adding a lot more dry paper and offering our scraps to friends with compost piles for the next couple of weeks. I tried to provide a basic overview of the various types of mites that can be found commonly in your worm bin. I thought for a minute that it was just worm eggs until I realized they were movingb and looked like little spiders. At first, they were just a nuisance, these tiny brown (sometimes white) balls with legs that congregate around moist, rotting food. I’m not going to add anything more to that discussion today, but DID want to share a cool photo I captured this morning.

When the mite population is too high the worms will burrow deep into the beds and not come to the surface to feed, which hampers worm reproduction and growth. We’ve been forced to adapt to problems that arise as our little microsystem has evolved. We also hung fly paper over our trash can, which has been slowly trapping flies for a couple weeks now.
According to everything we read, mites aren’t harmful to the worms and, in fact, they are a normal part of the worm bin ecosystem.
Large mite populations are often the result of using over moist garbage and vegetable refuse as feed. Poor bed drainage can also facilitate a mite problem and make the beds less hospitable to worms.
Ensure that there are adequate drainage holes at the bottom of your worm bin or housing.Remember the same conditions that ensure high worm production will be less favourable to mites. Another method is to over water the bed forcing the mites to the surface and then burning them with a blowtorch.

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