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About Latest Posts Keith KittoePresident at Gas TrailerI enjoy being involved with all aspects of Gas Trailer operations. There’ll be professionals you can speak with regarding obtaining your Conceal and Carry License. Visit the 2014 Wisconsin Prepper & Survival Expo web page listed above for all the updated show details.
From Marketing, eCommerce, and Business Development to Product Design, Manufacturing, and Inventory Management, the diversity of my daily tasks keeps me sharp and focused on driving things forward. Join the 100’s of other nerve-wrecked, hungry, impatient, out-of-sorts people in the super long lines waiting for a gas pump to open at the station you had to drive through wreckage to get to?
It is not only a 110 gallon aluminum fuel tank sitting on a convenient portable platform, it also contains a 10,000 watt professional grade generator. Admission is free so you and your family won’t want to miss this immensely beneficial event.

Learn how to put your kits together and plan ahead for little emergencies like cuts, bruising, muscle cramps, poison ivy, rashes, and more.
Or do you take a deep breath and let out a huge sigh of relief because you already have your portable fuel trailer ready to power your generator, fuel your vehicles, or do both?
With these components, you will not only be able to store and transfer gasoline, but be able to pump fuel into your vehicles while powering your home. Gas Trailer will be there to answer any fuel related questions you may have and to help you choose the fuel trailer that best suites your needs. When plugged in, the generator can power your house for a week on the gas trailer’s fuel supply.
Would you and your family be able to survive for lengths of time with what you might have in your cupboard?
If it comes to literally fighting for your life, would you know how to apply deadly force, let alone, physically defend yourself and protect what’s yours?

Opt for the split tank model and be able to fill each 55 gallon tank with two different types of fuel, such as gasoline and diesel.
To be able to provide a peace of mind, not only for yourself, but also your loved ones and possibly the close friends and family that may need the help these fuel trailers could provide, you could be the solution. How about eating plants since you didn’t store enough food, or your food source has completely run out? There surely would be medical emergencies that would require transportation and electricity to maintain stability. An exhibitor will be there teaching you what plants are edible and what will kill you – a slight bit of importance when it comes to surviving.

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