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If you experience harsh winter weather conditions on your daily commute, it's extremely important to have a good set of winter tires to accompany you on the drive. When deciding which winter tires to purchase, you'll need to consider the severity of the road conditions and whether you'll be driving on wet or dry pavement (or maybe both). Goodyear's WRT winter tires are great for a wide range of snow and ice conditions, but they perform the best in light snow. As the cheapest tires of the bunch, Yokohama's iceGUARD tires provide the least traction on wet roads.
The snow also gave me the opportunity to try out the DIY zip tie snow tires that I had seen on the Dutch Bike Co blog.
It’s a time consuming process, but well worth it and great use for some of the old MTB tires you have sitting around.
It is definitely true that losing front tire traction is much more likely to cause a wreck.
Since I live in an area with only occasional snow, the quick zip tie solution works for me. Yeah, riding on ice, I would probably have prioritised equipping the front wheel rather than the back one.
True, it would have been better to have the zip ties on both tires for handling, but I needed them on the rear wheel for traction on the icy hills. Knowing that the front could slip out made me ride carefully, but I couldn’t really have chosen that wheel over the rear one.
I lived and biked in snow country for about a decade, and much of that riding was done with skinny road slicks. Richard, I have ridden that bike in the snow with no zip ties, and you are right….the wide knobby tires do pretty well in the snow.
When I deflated both tyres to almost flat (0,5-1 BAR) it went smoothly even of-trail or across the icy patches. The worst situation in the city is thin layer of snow, the tire grips the snow OK, but the ground does not keep the snow in place. But once I was out with BMX when it started to snow heavily… I was hilarious, people must have thought I was a drunk being unable to change direction without falling. Welcome to Honda Odyssey Forum : Odyssey Minivan Forums - a website dedicated to all things Honda Odyssey. You are currently viewing our forum as a guest, which gives you limited access to view most discussions and access our other features. In case you’re interested, I found a great quality 3-ton floor jack, for the job (see pictures). So when you jacked up the van using the front and rear hooks, was that so you could do both sides at once and then lower onto jack stands?
We bought our 2015 Touring Elite with an extra set of rims and snow tires (with TPMS sensors- that came from Tire Rack) through the dealer. I just changed back to the winter tired that the van came initially installed with, that the dealer installed. If you note it in the order TireRack will install the Schrader EZ-sensor TPMS sensors that can be cloned. OK, I hate to admit it since I have lived in New England my entire life but this winter is killing me. Started looking and noticed that they are a little pricy and curious what others have found. You made a good choice with fwd , this is what I have , the weight distribution offers great grip with snow tires.
I have a set of Hercules Avalanche Extreme on my sorento and those tires are awesome, Traction is really really good and braking distance is much improved , they are even studable for eve more traction. Passenger Tires Vs Light Truck Tires at Tire Rack is great image for your collection and this design is free to use with high definitions resolution. Copyright © 2014 Tattoo Design Bild, All trademarks are the property of the respective trademark owners.

They were $1000 can tax and all, the dealer allowed both sizes.Home - Discount Tire Direct has a tire conversion chart that show both sizes match.
The dealer here in Newmarket wanted $953 plus tax and nuts, for a Falken tire and steel rim. I was going to go the 15" route or even 16" route but stumbled across mitsubishi eclipse 17's that run the same bolt pattern and hub measurements. We are going to compare four brands of studless snow and ice tires, which have several advantages over studded tires. They have excellent traction in all winter driving conditions and perform particularly well in deep snow. These tires will also perform admirably in wet weather, providing good traction on rainy roads. Although they can also be a bit noisy, these tires perform best in light-to-deep snow and also provide decent handling in wet or dry weather.
The 6 to 8 inches that fell on Monday morning may not sound like much to many of you, but here in the southeast it was sufficient to shut down the city for most of the week. The 8-inch zip ties that I had in my garage were not quite long enough to close around the fat tires on my singlespeed 29er, so I ended up using two ties per section.
I rode quite a bit on Monday, on roads and trails, and the zip-tie snow chains on my rear wheel really bit in to give me traction.
To make it work with v-brakes, I disconnected the rear brake (zip-tied the straddle cable to the frame to keep it out of the way) and only applied the zip ties to the rear wheel.
I’d more likely consider putting zippies on my front tire and then going low-pressure on my rear tire, which would also give me my rear brake back.
The ties would completely prevent the bead from seating into the rim (even if you sanded them down…which would also dramatically decrease the strength of the tie).
That seems like a better solution than screws, which could back out and cause a puncture, even with a duct tape liner inside the tire. If I lived in a colder climate though, I would definitely try the pop rivet idea (and I still might next time it snows here). I gotta get me some zip ties, the bike lanes aren’t ever cleared out when it snows in Paris.
I definitely could not have ridden up hills like this one without the zip ties on the drive wheel. I think the most dramatic improvement with the zip ties was on the ice after the snow melted and refroze. Tyres did not sink anymore and I was faster than all skiers, it was sooo much fun that next time I am bringing a toy rifle to this bike biathlon… Then girlfriend got frustrated and we went home.
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By joining our community, at no cost, you will have access to post topics, communicate privately with other members (PM), respond to polls, upload content and access many other special features. Passenger Tires Vs Light Truck Tires at Tire Rack is part of the popular collection wallpapers. Deeper tread depths, flexible materials, and modified tread designs all work to offer enhanced traction, better handling, and improved stopping distances. While they are the most expensive tires, the WS80s will also deliver a high-quality driving experience through the widest variety of winter conditions. They are the most quiet of all the tires featured here and are the only brand with a 40,000 mile tread wear warranty. While many reviewers have experienced some slipping in wet conditions, most claim excellent grip on hilly climbs.
For me, it was a great opportunity to break out the sled and play in the snow with my kids. The advantage of that was that that each section had 2 tie heads at the edge of the tread to dig into the ice, and that is exactly what they did. Later in the week, as the snow melted and refroze, the DIY chains continued to grip, even on icy climbs that had been smoothed over by sleds and toboggans.

Winter tires can be more than helpfull but they are expensive as hell, I think I’ll try your way. Some of the hills near my house were very slippery and difficult to walk up (like the sledding hill I linked to in the comment above), but I was able to ride up them without the rear wheel spinning out at all. If anything, they would be a hindrance if it means that you lose brake control at your rear wheel, which is the brake to use in slick conditions. Registration is free, fast and simple, Join Honda Odyssey Forum : Odyssey Minivan Forums today! What i read in multiple posts is that the Touring model has the ability to have more than one set of TPMS SensorID's programmed in its ECU; apparently all other models (like the EX-L i have) do not have such capability, and have to be brought to the dealer every time the tires are swapped, to reprogram the ECU. Here you can find some new design about Passenger Tires Vs Light Truck Tires at Tire Rack for your current screen resolution. On the set the alloys cost an extra $200, I just think the steel rims are too ugly for a nice car like the V for 5 months.
Today's winter tires, however, provide a much better ride quality in a variety of weathers and greatly improve your car's handling. Remember, it is always best to replace and match all four tires at the same time; this will allow you the best performance and safety. One area where they fail is tire noise; also, the steering response is good, but could use some improvement. If you find yourself routinely driving in deep snow, these will provide a good grip but not as much as other brands; also, many drivers do complain of sluggishness on slushy road conditions.
If you have snow and ice on the ground, and you don’t already have studded tires on your bike, consider giving this a try. But I have a question though: Don’t the tires rip and break sometimes where the screws are? If this works, you would then have your wrap on studs on both front and back tires and both your V brakes would still work. I know from riding the same roads after snow or ice storms that is not always the case (in fact, I went down hard on one of those same hills in the ice last year). I only had either front or rear of the Ody up in the air, never the whole van up on jack stands.
What I read is that the dealer can program all 8 SensorID's in the Touring ECU (4 for summer tires + 4 for winter tires). You can download this as nice desktop wallpaper by right click and save as into your computer.
I have set up with cheap Wanli S-1031's for my veloster so I hope that will do alright this winter. Drivers have noted that you have to make sure to remove these tires as soon as temperatures start to increase. I would have much preferred to do both wheels, but I need to keep one brake connected so I opted for the drive wheel to maintain traction on the climbs. Don't miss to check all from this kind of lovely popular desktop background by viewing the similar high definition wallpapers design below. Recommended if you travel short distances in snowy conditions, or do a lot of city driving.
I probably should have been clearer in stating that this set-up required extra care on the ice to keep the front wheel from sliding out.
It seems to me that these zip ties would give a bit of bite fore and aft, but not really do much side to side?? The bike cornered great in the snow (as it probably would have without the zip ties) but on the ice I was definitely cautious. Still, I am convinced that I couldn’t have climbed some of those icy hills without the zip ties.

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