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Quick note about cookies: like most websites, we use cookies to help improve this site so that you can get around easily. This site requires JavaScript to function properly.Please enable JavaScript in your web browser. Clear off the snow and ice before you drive – If you wake up to snow and ice all over your vehicle, make sure you thoroughly clean it off before you drive.
Have an emergency car kit - To be prepared for a break down or accident, you should have an emergency car kit in your car. Be light on the pedal – When starting from a standstill, it is important to accelerate slowly to avoid any wheel spin. Don’t lock up the wheels – If you need to slow down and you do not have ABS, you should gently pump the brakes, not slam on them. Perform one action at a time- Do not try and brake while turning when driving in icy conditions. Know how to correct a slide – If you are in a turn and the back wheels begin to slide out, gently let of the gas pedal and turn the wheel towards the slide.

Don’t be fearless - Just because your vehicle is AWD does not mean you should drive recklessly. Be aware of your surroundings - Other drivers can be the most dangerous part of driving in the bad weather. With heavy snow again forecast over the coming months, do what the American’s and Canadian’s do – get your emergency car kit, put it in the boot and you are ready for anything the winter will throw at you.
If you want, you can add a bottle of water, a couple of chocolate bars, a set of Stabilicer Ice Grips for your shoes and you are ready any traffic conditions! Unlike most winter car kits, this professional model includes emergency food and drinking water supplies. Snow and ice can create dangerous driving conditions, allowing for accidents to become more prevalent. By driving slower and giving yourself more space between other cars, you can have more time to react. All AWD will do for you is provide extra traction when accelerating; it does not provide any advantage when braking or cornering.

It includes jump start leads, a shovel with compass, a poncho, emergency blanket, snow scarper, ,a pair of gloves, candles (these will keep your car warm without you having to keep the engine running), dynamo torch, hand warmers, a whistle and a first aid kit. EU regulations mean we have to point this out, hence the annoying message, which will only appear on this first visit. When driving in these winter conditions, you need to be more cautious or the consequences can be serious.
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You can’t forget that if you are having trouble on the road, emergency personnel will not be able to get to you as fast, either.

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