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Wilderness First Aid, This one day course covers Basic Life Support and CPR, Trauma, Environmental Problems, and Medical Problems. Wilderness Advanced First Aid, Our Wilderness Advanced First Aid course is designed with the outdoor professional in mind.
Wilderness First Responder, The 9 day Wilderness First Responder Course is the most intensive course we teach.
It focuses on developing skills for treating problems outside the “golden hour” of first response. It has become the industry standard for most guide services and environmental education programs.

This is a great course to take in addition to our swiftwater rescue or technical rope rescue training! Whether you’re hiking, biking, climbing or involved with water sports, you owe it to yourself to have some level of outdoor medical training or wilderness training. It is based on the protocols set by the Wilderness Medical Society and instruction encourage  students ability to think through body systems in an effort to determine the best response to traumatic, environmental or medical situations. Classroom sessions are followed with hands on practice to integrate the information in a field setting. If one understands how the body works they can better understand what it needs during traumatic, environmental and medical emergencies.

We can schedule this course for on-location training at Universities, Community Centers, or Outdoor Programs.

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